The End

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Caldron Pool(#270R/GKLM)
The best word for this spot might be grandiose. To the west water roars from a fall, where a river somewhere in the western wilds crashes over Narnia’s western border-cliffs to form the great, churning Caldron pool, deep and cold. The path at the edge of the pool forks three ways: east, to follow along the bank of the Great River, north, toward the Gathering Circle and the forest homes, and south fording the relatively small ‘river’ where it continues curving around to the southern side of the pool.
You can go: The Gathering Circle <N>, Along the Great River <E>, South side of the Pool <S> Contents: A wolf with a faded scar down the length of her side (Caileana); A wolf with a white forepaw (Crenna); A Leather Satchel; A mouse; and PROCLAMATION: WANTED.

Crenna rests her head on the ground, “You would think I would learn how to quit.”

Caileana snorts. “Not likely. Most of us don’t.” She grins. “That tenacity will keep you alive, some day, I’m sure.” She licks at a particularly nasty bite on her shoulder carefully.

Drune pads slowly towards caldron pool, his eyes absently scanning the woods around him. Hearing voices ahead of him, he catches sight of the two and begins closing the distance.

Crenna hehs still laying on the ground, looking rough, “I have been told that but I just think I am too hard-headed to give up.” Her ears flick at some rustling and she snorts, calling out into the Woods, “If that is you Drune, I prefer if you don’t sneak up on me right this moment.”

Caileana chuckles. “That may be a failing at times, but perhaps one I would prefer to other kinds of failings.” She lifts her head quickly as Crenna calls out to Drune, and looks around until she spots him. After a pause, she smiles, tentatively, and says, “Hello Drune.”

Drune chuckles wryly, coming into view moments after her call. “And why would I ever do such a thing? ” he returns, eyes flickering between the two. His head tilts slightly as he notices their condition. “You two alright? ” he asks.

Crenna snorts at him again but says, “We were just training. Caileana is a credit to Ulfden.”

Caileana rolls her eyes slightly and goes back to licking at the fur along her long scar, settling it back into place. “Nothing a bit of time won’t fix,” she mumbles, before glancing at Crenna when she speaks. She gives the other she-wolf a lopsided smile and shakes her head slightly.

Drune eyes Caileana, expression remaining light. “Indeed… can’t say I am surprised. ” he shakes himself out, sitting. “And how did /you/ fare in the spar, Crenna? Learn anything? ”

Crenna finally pushes herself to her paws, “Only that I need to train more.” Her tone is laced with exhaustion. She winces as she stands moves her shouldes, “I probably should go get some rest for now, though.”

Caileana rolls her eyes again at Drune’s question, more exaggeratedly. She looks to Crenna. “Thanks for the spar, Crenna. It was good to see you. Hopefully I’ll see you around while you’re here.”

Drune nods at this. “Rest well Crenna. ” he offers with a smile.

Crenna dips her head to both Wolves, “Thank you, Caileana, for the spar. I hope you both have a good eve.” With that, she slowly makes her way to the shelter, limping slightly.

Crenna trots north.

Caileana’s gaze goes to Drune as Crenna pads away. She tips her head, studying him. “How are you?”

Drune’s eyes follow Crenna as she pads off. “Decent, all things considered. ” he snorts, looking back to Caileana. “And you?”

Caileana nods a bit. “The same,” she says simply.

Drune nods. “Good to hear it… ” he glances at the proclamation. “I trust things have been rather quiet up here? Save for the incident with the dwarf. ” he glances down at this. “And Haelric’s passing obviously… ”

Caileana exhales. “Well. Those two things alone mean it hasn’t exactly been all sunshine and rainbows. But yes, there’s been nothing else of note that I know about.”

Drune hehs. “Can’t imagine they were… ” he frowns slightly, letting the silence hang before adding. “I have been made Guardian. ”

Caileana smiles, faintly. “That is good news. Crenna mentioned something about it…it’s about time, really.”

Drune shrugs slightly. “Perhaps. Though, it doesn’t help things much. ” he snorts. “It keeps my mind on the den and being down there for a month didn’t help things. ”

Caileana wraps her tail around herself tightly. “I saw Tempest earlier tonight, but we didn’t get much chance to talk. I trust things are all right in the Woods? I don’t imagine you would have all come back up here if Tainn were still a problem.”

Drune frowns at this. “They are alright. Tainn was driven out… Tempest and Skarlieth had a run-in with her and, apparently, whatever was said drove her off. ” he sighs. “I was alerted to this not long after and tracked her to the edge of the marshes. ”

Caileana asks, “Do you think she will be back?”

Drune says, “That is the fear… She has been living in hiding all these years and something brought her out recently. Just a matter of time really. ”

Caileana frowns. “I don’t like it,” she says after a moment.

Drune hehs. “Nor I… I had and still have half a mind to seek her out. ”

Caileana’s frown darkens. “Please tell me you’re not planning on taking her on alone.”

Drune hehs wryly, glancing down. “Can’t say the thought hasn’t crossed my mind before. ”

Caileana eyes him. A muscle in her muzzle twitches involuntarily.

Drune looks back to her, expression neutral. “But I am /here/ so obviously that is not something I am doing. ”

Caileana says, “At the moment.”

Drune simply nods. “And if duty calls me elsewhere I shall travel there. ”

Caileana swallows hard. She looks away. “As ever,” she says flatly. She takes a breath. “There are other things we should talk about.”

Drune eyes her, expression turning curious. “Such as? ” he asks, voice soft.

Caileana sinks her claws into the ground and turns her head back to look him in the eye. “You and Tempest,” she says evenly.

Drune’s flicker to her claws, gaze growing distant before he returns her gaze. “Yes?”

Caileana asks, “Why didn’t you tell me you were together?”

Drune glances down at this, not answering right away. “It was fleeting. She disappeared not long after we grew as close as we did… ” he
sighs softly, shaking his head. “Not to mention she left without a word. ” he shakes his head a bit more firmly this time, looking her in the eyes once more. “Regardless of all of that, I should have mentioned it to you when we were working things out. For that, I apologize. ”

Caileana gives him a look of disbelief. “You didn’t think that was /important/ to mention?” Her voice shakes.

Drune blinks at her reaction. “Didn’t say that. Simply something that escaped my mind… ” he sighs softly, frowning once more. “Again, a mistake and something I am sorry for. ”

Caileana blinks. “How can something like that escape your mind, Drune?! I realize that by the time we patched things up it had been quite a few months since Tempest had disappeared, but you never actually ended things with her! Maybe that’s her fault, maybe that’s yours, but it doesn’t change things. How could you pick things up with me and just…leave off with Tempest like that? Do you know how that makes me feel?!”

Drune’s frown deepens. “Caileana… It was /indeed/ some months. Beyond that, I didn’t /waltz/ up here with the intent of seeking you affection. No, my intention was to fix a broken friendship. ”

Caileana says, “I don’t really care what your intentions were to start with, Drune! We left friendship behind a long time ago, and at that point you /should/ have brought it up. Friendship,” she nearly spits out the word. “If you’ve really only ever thought of me as a friend you would have /told/ me about the pair of you before you ever stepped over whatever invisible friendship line you have in your head! Do you think I would have – if I had known about this before, I -” she stops, cuts herself off again, and shakes her head, breathing hard. Her golden eyes are large and angry and hurt.

Drune’s eyes narrow. “Haven’t I just said /twice/ that it was /my/ mistake for /not/ telling you and how I am severely apologetic for it. ” His ear twitches at this, the frown remaining.

Caileana lets out a shuddery breath and looks Drune in the eye to finally come out with it and say, lowly, “I never would have let things get this far if I had known about this.”

Drune’s jaw clenches, his now boring a hole into the pool. ” And I shouldn’t have let it go this far… ” he swallows. ” Lion knows all I have done,
regardless of how indirect it has been, is hurt your during all of this. ” A flash of sadness crosses his eyes. ” Even worse than we had been before. ”

Caileana frowns at him blackly. “We are NOT worse than we were before. I /hated/ you before, Drune. Now I just…I don’t know what I feel. It’s not hate. I don’t know what we’re doing. I never see you. When I do I yell at you. I don’t have the faintest idea how we’re going to work this out. And now I feel like I’m stealing you from your best chance of happiness with one of my good friends. I don’t know what we’re doing.”

Drune keeps his gaze steady, his ear flicking at the mention of happiness. “I don’t know either. ” he says with another soft snort.

Caileana snorts at this, shakes her head. She looks away but not quickly enough to hide the immense sadness in her eyes. “What do we do, then?” she asks, not looking at him.

Drune remains silent for the moment. “I… ” he sighs. ” I don’t know. Maybe we just need to stop trying to hard to push for things that neither of us are ready for. ” he shakes his head, resignation in his voice. “Frankly, I’m not so sure I will every be ready. ”

Caileana says, “What does that even mean, Drune? You’re not ready for a life with me, or you’re not ready for a life with anyone? I’m not even sure /readiness/ has anything to do with it, at least for me.” She sighs and mutters something.

Caileana mumbles “… like stupidity … unsuitability and … impossibleness … the whole thing. I’m … a pup. … definitely … to be with someone, Aslan … … …”, to Caileana.

Drune’s jaw clenches once more. “I don’t know, alright? ” he wipes his muzzles with his paw, letting out a frustrated growl.

Caileana has beens tudying her paws. She shakes her head at his response. “Look,” she says lifting her head to look him in the eyes. “Do you love me, or not?”

Drune doesn’t answer right away, letting the silence hang for a good /long/ moment. “I once thought… ” he grunts, closing his eyes and clearing his throat. “… and still believe that there was a time that we could have been more for us Caileana. My time up here trying to repair what we had lost, was simply that… in the beginning. I wanted and still want you to know that I /care/ for you a great deal. ” he swallows hard, each word seemingly taking its toll on his energy as he visibly begins to wilt. “But, we both got swept up in attempting to see what ‘more’ could have meant for us. And…. I just couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t bear the thought of hurting you more by halting things. ” his jaw clenches harder. “Instead, here we are and here I am hurting you worse. ”

Caileana starts to look a little wild. “So you don’t. You never did. Great.” She covers her face with a paw. “I am a complete idiot. Ruddy imbecile. Fanastic, Cail. Well done.”

Drune raises a paw, looking weary. “Cail… that is not what I mean’t. ”

Caileana laughs humorlessly. “Isn’t it?”

Drune shakes his head, not looking up.

Caileana groans, scrubs her paw at her face harder.

Caileana mumbles something incomprehensible to Caileana.

Drune simply returns. “I’m sorry. ”

Caileana snaps, “I don’t want your pity, Drune. I don’t…I can’t…I WON’T do this to myself anymore.” She gets to her paws, her gaze for once steady. “I have loved you since the Christmas festival where you broke my heart. That’s the reason I hated you for so long. That’s the reason I went back to you when nearly everyone and everything around me told me not to. But I won’t do this to myself anymore. All I get from you are vague assurances of your maybe-possibly-slight affection and a promise to fight for me. Except I haven’t seen you fighting; I’ve seen you avoiding, and misinforming me, and honestly I don’t see any proof that you’ve ever felt anything more than friendship for me. And if you can’t see by now, after all the times I’ve told you, that friendship is never what I wanted from you in the first place, you are a fool. But more fool I for my /weakness/ when it comes to you. We are a terrible match, my love too strong and your will too weak, and our packs in the way. Go back to Tempest. She deserves to be happy. ”

Caileana says, “You may take all the blame if you wish, but this is my fault for letting you back in when I knew better. I don’t regret it. Maybe all this has worked out to make us the friends you wanted us to be. I won’t go running off to an abandoned tower and howl my pain to the stars this time. But neither will I do this to myself any longer.”

Drune’s eyes widen slightly as she snaps, gaze instantly locking on her. As she finishes he looks at an utter loss for words. “I’d give my apologies once more. ” he starts after a moment, looking incredibly tentative. “… but I don’t think that would suffice. ” he looks as if he wants to say more but cannot find any more words to give, the weariness in his expression starting to overtake him as he mumbles something to himself.

Drune mumbles “I’m sorry”, to Drune.

Drune mumbles something incomprehensible to Drune.

Caileana laughs again, and this time there is a hint, just a hint, of humor in it. “Not so much.” She eyes him for a moment and sighs. “I’m just…I’m going to go. Take care, Drune.”

Drune looks back to the water. “Farewell, Caileana… ” Is his only reply, voice low.

Caileana hesitates, rocks on her paws for just a moment as as if she’s going to walk towards him and touch him or something, but then she shakes her head brusquely. She turns to pad away, the long sigh she gives clearly audible. She holds herself carefully, but her shoulders slump before she’s osight.

Drune’s eyes follow her as she pads off, sadness flashing through his eyes. As she disappears, he gets up and pads slowly in the direction of the tower.


Patrols… and a torn heart.

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Napthalia’s Meadow
You find yourself in a quiet, peaceful little meadow, sheltered to the west by the face of the Western Cliffs, and to the east by a particularly thick grove of trees. The grass grows tall and thick here, in clumps thick enough to make an enticing mouthful for any grazing beast. Between the trees and the cliffs, the meadow remains shaded enough to make it a nice, relaxing place to be.
You can go: West <W>, Follow the Cliffs <SW>, Path into the Trees <E>, Toward the Pool <N>
Contents: An eagle with a crested head (Skarlieth); Pobbledrum, the Pack
Peddler; and Rusted Kettle.

Drune pads briskly through the meadow, his tail high and eyes scanning the area
ahead of him.

Skarlieth soars overhead, wings spread to their maximum. Clutched in his talons
is what appears to be a bundle of dead twigs.
Drune doesn’t seem to take notice of the Eagle as he slows to a stop, panting
softly and letting his eyes sweep the area around him.

Skarlieth’s load appears to be somewhat too large, or at least too awkward. One
of the sticks comes loose, accelerating down towards the meadow.
Drune’s scan is interrupted by the twig as it lands atop his muzzle. Blinking
and snorting at the same time, he looks up quickly and grins. “Hail, Skarlieth!
” he calls out.

Skarlieth appears to have noticed losing part of his burden, as he already had
begun to dive after it when Drune greets him. He spreads his wings as far as
they can as he approaches the ground, dropping the rest of the dead wood before
landing. “Hail, Drune,” he responds. He glances a bit guiltily at the twig.
“I…ah… hope no damage was done?”

Petraverd comes trotting toward you from the north.
Horn, a Northern Guard Band and a Fine Gold Torc.
Player Assistance Channel. (System Announcement)

Drune chuckles softly, glancing down at the twig before shaking his head. “None
whatsoever, friend. But, in any case, how are you faring this evening? ”

Skarlieth dips his head, looking a bit relieved. “Good. My apologies
nonetheless. The winds are calm and I have just finished my first patrol of the
evening, so I am well. And you, friend?”

Drune sucks in a deep breath, releasing it in a sigh. “I am quite the same… In
the process of gathering others for another venture into the caverns. ” he
snorts wryly. “With more torches this time. ”

Skarlieth’s expression grows rather grave. He nods slightly. “Indeed…” He
glances down for a moment before quietly continuing, “Forgive me for being a
burden the last venture.”

Drune shakes his head. “Not at all. You were nothing of a burden… I was only
glad to be of some help. ” he returns, smiling softly.

Petraverd makes his way toward the meadow from the west, letting out a rather
cavernous yawn (something he picked up from the Lions, probably) before he
shakes out his mane.

Skarlieth nods slightly, though something in his gaze suggests he is underly
convinced. He inquires, “This next venture… is it to be to the same caverns,
or to the passage to the north?”

Drune catches Petraverd approaching out of the corner of his eyes, letting out
bark. Then, turning back to Skarlieth, he shakes his head slightly. “From what
we know, the north leads into dwarven territory and, for now, we are leaving
that be. We will be moving further into the southern passage. ” he returns

Petraverd twitches his ears, bobbing his head toward the two as he approaches.
“Well hello,” he says. “Not often we get visitors to the meadow, but hardly
unwelcome, either. What brings you two out here today?”

Skarlieth glances around and half-bows to the Unicorn. “Hail, Commander. Rather
an… accident on my part, in truth.” He glances towards a pile of twigs resting
just behind him, pushing a lone stick nearer to it.

Drune’s eyes flicker from the stick to Petraverd, smirking slightly. “And I was
just patrolling the area when Skarlieth… ” he grins, shooting him a glance.
“…/dropped/ in on me. ”

Petraverd’s glance flicks between the two of them. “I see,” he says after a
moment. “Well, in any case, the meadow /is/ a decent enough place for pleasant

Skarlieth disguises a moment of chagrin by spreading his wings slightly and
responding in a mock-serious tone, “A Guardsbeast must be ready for everything,
at any time.” He nods at Petraverd. “It is that.”

Drune snorts wryly, shooting Petraverd a wry look at Skarlieth’s statement. “Oh,
I am well aware of this… ”

Petraverd merely twitches an ear, along with what is potentially a faint smirk.

Skarlieth likewise looks towards Petraverd, a smile in his eyes. “It does seem
to be a lesson we are being schooled in at the moment.”

Drune nods, chuckling. “And… I admit, a good lesson at that. ”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “It is, after all, my duty to help with the
training of the Guardsmen, and I have found that… sinking into routine is a
bit of a detriment.”

Skarlieth nods his agreement. “Truth.”

Lovisa comes trotting toward you from the north.

Drune nods as well. “I will also have to voice my agreement. Get too far into a
routine and you will find the battlefield a wicked awakening. ” he hehs.
Petraverd nods slightly. “I do tend to stress tactics, too – and that’s best
taught through experience, under a variety of circumstances.”

Skarlieth seems to smile faintly, though he remains silent.

Lovisa pads through the grove of trees in the direction of the meadow. She
pauses to brush some grass off of an ear with a paw.

Drune doesn’t seem to take notice of Lovisa. “Indeed… experience. ” he echoes
as he lets his gaze wander the trees. Catching sight of Lovisa in the distance,
he inclines his head and lets out a bark.

Petraverd flicks an ear. “Besides, a little variety keeps interest going, too.”
He lets out a breif whinny toward Lovisa as she comes into view.

Skarlieth sends a glances Lovisa’s way and half-bows, shifting so there is room
for her to join their conversation.

Skarlieth glances skyward and tips his head. “Ah, forgive me. I must depart and
relieve Kiyon from his watch. Fair winds to you all.” He gathers his twigs and
takes off, winging towards the cliffs.

Lovisa’s ear twitches and an amused smile forms at the eagle’s courtesy and
rapid departure. She joins her packmate. “Evening to you, boys”, she says
simply. “I suppose I am here to provide interest, then.”

Drune shoots Skarlieth a quick nod before looking back to Lovisa, grinning
slightly. “Evening, Lovisa… ” he returns, eyeing her.

Petraverd bobs a nod to the Eagle as he departs, then glances to Lovisa. “Are
you now? Well, you’ll have to do better than simply turning up,” he says
lightly. “A Wolf in the meadow is at least a mild sort of interest to we of
Un’aireken, after all, and I had one of those before you arrived.”

Lovisa replies lightly, “And who is to say that being a wolf is my only claim to
being interesting?” She settles in, clearly comfortable joining the

Drune’s brow raises slightly, his grin widening a bit. “And what might your
other claims be?”

Petraverd tilts his head slightly, looking quite interested in Lovisa’s reply to
the question.

Lovisa smiles at them. “Well, surely we are not all the same, just as not all
unicorns are the same. I would hope that I am interesting for myself. If not,
then I suppose I will have to rely on being interesting because of where I’ve
been lately…”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Ah, now, we’re getting somewhere.”

Drune’s eyes narrow curiously. “Where have you been?” he replies, eyeing her
once more as his grin starts to fade.

Lovisa swipes at an ear with her paw to smooth the fur down, looking like a cat
who has been in the cream. “To pass along your good wishes to the pack, of
course. I could hardly forget, since Petraverd himself reminded me, since I was
going back to Winterden.”

Glyn comes trotting toward you from the north.

Petraverd nods as he glances to Drune. “I told you I was sending Winterden an
update, after all. What better messenger than one of their own.”

Drune’s ears perk at this, tail sweeping behind him. “You ventured back to
Winterden? ” he returns, looking utterly curious. “How did it go???”

Lovisa tells him, “Well, as you can imagine, they were just as anxious for news
of how we’ve been progressing here. Especially Tempest. She asked after you, of

Petraverd chuckles quietly, not looking particularly surprised at any of the
current proceedings.

Glyn emerges from the trees with his nose deep in the grass, when he catches
sight of the gathering. Lifting his ears, he pads over. “Good evening,” he
greets everyone, and then, with an ear twitch, “Lovisa? It’s been a long time.”

Drune smiles at this. “I trust Tempest and the others are all doing well? ” he
returns before looking to Glyn as he approaches. “Subcommander.”

Lovisa nods in agreement with this. “They are. It has been a little less
exciting than some would prefer, but Zayev has no complaints about that.” She
acknowledges Glyn. “Oh, I tend to show up now and again when I’m wanted”, she

Petraverd dips his head slightly toward Lovisa. “I would imagine he is quite
content with that, himself.” He smiles as he lets out a whinny toward Glyn in

Glyn cocks his head and returns a small grin of his own. “You’re most welcome,
of course. Do you come with news, or…?” He glances to Drune.

Drune hehs softly. “It does me good to hear that… they could use some peace. ”
he remarks.

Lovisa tilts her head. “For Drune, yes. Simply a visit to Winterden,
Subcommander. Nothing of interest to report.” She grins again at the word
“interest” and glances between the unicorn and her packmate.

Petraverd twitches his ears. “All remains quiet in the Woods then, for the time
being. It is good to have confirmation of that.”

Glyn merely murmurs, “Ah,” before sitting down to listen.

Drune tilts his head at her grin, then nodding to Petraved’s comment. “Glad that
the woods are back to normal then. ” he echoes.

Lovisa asks, “And here? What have I missed?”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “You’re aware of our venture in the ruins, of
course – once I send the word for them to make their way here, we’ll be
receiving some good giants to help us in the effort.”

Glyn nods to Petraverd’s words. “The work progresses well, dirty as it is. And I
imagine you’ve heard that Ulfden is delivered of a new pup?”

Drune nods at Petraverd’s statement, keeping silent for the moment as he awaits
her reply.

Lovisa takes this in. “Good news, good news. We should all be glad to hear it.”
She cants her head toward Drune with a questioning look.

Petraverd hehs, with a faint smile. “Indeed. It’s always good to have news of
that sort.”

Glyn can barely suppress a chuckle at Lovisa’s muted reaction to Petraverd’s

Drune sucks in a short breath, nodding as well. “Indeed, all good news… And,
among other things, a group of us have been venturing into some unexplored
caverns as of late. One of them leading into the Twisted Caverns… ” he adds,
glancing between the three. “… In fact, I have been gathering others for
another run.”

Lovisa blinks at Drune. “Ah. The High King mentioned the orders he was planning,
and it doesn’t surprise me that you are helping to carry them out. You know the
way through?”

Drune shakes his head. “No… not at all really. I just have some experience
inside its foul halls… ” he frowns slightly.

Glyn adds, “Our current mission is to explore and map the region.”

Petraverd nods a bit. “The intent is less to gain a thorough picture of the
caverns themselves in their entirety, and more to get a better sense of the
portions closest to the waste – and whether they show signs of recent passage.”

Lovisa nods as she listens. “So you boys have been busy, I see”, she grins.

Petraverd replies simply, “Usually are.”

Drune hehs. “That we have been. ” he returns, looking a bit thoughtful.

Glyn smiles back at them she-wolf, “It feels good to be pushing back at the
shadows for a change, and strengthening our defence. It sure beats worrying and
bracing for the next attack.”

Lovisa returns Glyn’s smile. “Though I’ve always preferred words to blows myself
when there’s the choice.” She shrugs a little. “Diplomat.”

Petraverd’s ears twitch, and he shifts a bit on his hooves as he nods slightly,
though he gives no more reply to this.

Drune is pulled from his thoughts at her comment, chuckling a bit.

Glyn’s ear folds. “Words have got us out of some tight scrapes in the past,” he
glances to the unicorn, “but giants aren’t always so biddable.”

Lovisa remarks, “We best hope the ones that our Commander is inviting across our
threshhold are.”

Drune nods slightly at this, letting his gaze wander as he listens in silence.

Petraverd’s tail begins to twitch. “I doubt,” he says, “Their Majesties would
have recommended them if they were not, or at least our ability to manage
despite the fact.”

Glyn adds pointedly, “I am sure you’d agree.”

Drune’s ears twitch, glancing between the two commanders before he looks to

Lovisa answers mildly, “I am their servant, am I not? Of course I agree with
what they deem suitable.”

Petraverd merely nods once, though his tail continues its twitching.

Glyn’s reply is pleasant. “We are of one mind, then.” He looks about the
assembled faces as he muses, “I suppose that’s most of the major news, isn’t it?
Ulfden has a couple of new tenderfeet in training.”

Petraverd bobs his head. “That’s all that comes to mind, at least.”

Drune’s eyes flicker between the two once more, expression blank as his ear
twitches. After a beat, he lets his eyes wander once more, settling back into
listening quietly.

Lovisa nods. “Again, not surprising. Ulfden has always been good at
incorporating those without a pack of their own. You must have far more
responsibility now that Eirwyn and Nevarre are more occupied with their pup.”

Skarlieth swoops down from above, landing beside you.

Glyn points out, “My responsibilities have changed almost completely since my
appointment to the Guard, of course, but yes, you’re right. The pack has pulled
together to make sure the Alphas have more time for their daughter. As the pack
has had to pull together in the past. It is no different.”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “And for a much more pleasant reason this time
around, I might add.”

Skarlieth glides low over the meadow from the north, wingbeats slow and relaxed.
His path already is aimed toward the gathering.

Lovisa smiles at Petraverd. “It is at that. I will have to go and pay my
respects to them both.”

Drune catches sight of Skarlieth, inclining his head and giving him a nod.
“Hail, Skarlieth. ” he calls out.

Glyn dips his head to Lovisa. “An excellent idea.” His ears prick as he catches
sight of the eagle. “Ah, Skarlieth, well met!”

Petraverd bobs his head. “They would appreciate that, I think.” He lets out a
whinny as Skarlieth comes into view agian. “Ah, good eve again, Skarlieth. All
quiet on the border?”

Skarlieth lands beside them and half-bows. “And to you,” he replies. Looking
back to Petraverd, he nods once. “To my eye, it is indeed.”

Aliyah comes trotting toward you from the north.

Lovisa replies, “If you think I would not be intruding, I will certainly do
that. The last time I saw Ulfden was when I left…”

Aliyah pads into the meadow quietly. Upon spotting the others, she barks softly
in greeting.

Drune nods once at Skarlieth’s report. “Good to hear. ” he remarks as his
attention is stolen by the bark. .”Aliyah. ” he greets, upon spotting her.

Glyn rolls his shoulders. “Best to send word ahead before arriving, but I can do
that if you wish.” He turns to see Aliyah. “Ah, hello, tenderfoot.”

Glyn asks, “Lovisa, have you met Aliyah, our newest member of Ulfden?”

Petraverd twitches his ears at Aliyah’s bark, and glances about the group.
“Well, this seems to be becoming a rather ample gathering…”

Skarlieth follows the others’ gazes towards Aliyah and nods cordially.

Drune looks to Lovisa at this, ear flicking as he awaits her answer.

Lovisa shakes her head, slightly amused. “No, I have not had the pleasure.”

Aliyah nods to the new wolf. “Nice to meet you.”

Glyn supplies for Aliyah’s benefit, “Lovisa is a packmate of Drune’s from

Petraverd twitches his ears at the introductions, choosing not to interrupt
them, though his glance flicks to the west briefly.

Lovisa laughs a little. “I suppose that will do by way of introduction for now.
Thank you, Glyn. Though really, Ulfden was my home, and then Sted Cair, for far
longer than I could claim Winterden as my pack.”

Aliyah snickers at the exchange. “So you were rogue for a while too?” she asks.

Drune nods in afirmation of Glyn’s comment, before shooting a sideways glance at
Lovisa and inclining his head.

Skarlieth glances at Lovisa at her words, head tipped very slightly, though he
makes no comment. When Aliyah speaks, he blinks once.
are there too few of us?”

Glyn chuckles at Lovisa. “It’s not for me to tell your full story.”

Lovisa shakes her head. “Never rogue, though I suppose there was a time when all
of Ulfden considered those of us who splintered away to be just that. I have
technically belonged to Winterden for as long as there has been a Winterden to
belong to. As for my time at Sted Cair, I served Their Majesties in a diplomatic

Aliyah nods, smiling a bit. “Ah! Very well then.”

Petraverd clears his throat slightly, glance still directed somewhat westward,
as he says, “Speaking of diplomacy… I hate to interrupt, but considering how
large this gathering has become… perhaps we should head a little closer to the
Pool? Some of my herdmates might not appreciate such a large gathering right on
our front doorstep.”

Drune glances to Petraverd at this, nodding slightly. “And, I best finish up my
patrol… ” he snorts slightly. “Don’t want to miss anything… especially near
the ruins. ”

Lovisa smiles. “Yes, of course. Making a nuisance of ourselves will hardly bring
about good relations between the Guard and the herd.”

Glyn looks over at Drune. “If you haven’t a partner, might I join you?”

Petraverd dips his head toward Lovisa in both acknowledgement and agreement,
with a quiet word under his breath as he does so.

Petraverd mumbles “Strained enough already, … … respects.”, to Petraverd.

Aliyah tilts her head at Petra’s soft words to Lovisa, ears flicking this way
and that as she wonders… how?

Lovisa’s ears swivel forward at Petraverd’s remark. “Which we have made some
strides toward changing.”

Skarlieth glances at Petraverd with a faint frown, though he continues in
silence. He dips his head toward Drune and Glyn. “I am sure nothing will escape
you,” he says.

Drune nods to Glyn. “I wouldn’t mind the company myself… ” he returns before
grinning at Skarlieth. “Indeed not.”

Petraverd gestures as he responds to Lovisa. “Best we make sure said steps don’t
go to waste, then.” He nods to Drune and Glyn, and there may be something akin
to approval in his expression, for one who knows what to look for. “Safe patrols
to the two of you.”

Lovisa smiles a little. “By taking a few steps of our own, I suppose. Very well,
I will follow.”

Aliyah rolls around in the snowy grass for a moment. “I should probably head
back to the den.”

Glyn studies the exchange between Lovisa and Petraverd with a curious
expression, but shakes it off, and inclines his head to Drune. “Thank-you. I’ll
follow your lead.”

Skarlieth seems to smile very faintly at Lovisa’s comment, spreading his wings
partway in readiness to comply, even if not with ‘steps.’

Petraverd bobs his head to Lovisa with a quiet, “Thank you,” and leads the way
toward the Pool.

Drune nods once more. “Farewell. ” he offers to the others before turning and
loping into the night.

Glyn lopes close after.

Lovisa passes close by her packmate and speaks a few quiet words before joining
the others.

Lovisa mumbles “I’d like…to speak to you…when there is a chance…without
the…audience.”, to Drune.

Lovisa mumbles “… like…to … … you…when there … … chance…without
…”, to Drune.
longer around…”

Drune pauses a split second as he catches Lovisa’s mumble, glancing to her and
nodding before continuing his run.

Outside the Ruins
You stand at the base of a huge, tumbled pile of rock that is overgrown with grass and a few, scrubby-looking bushes. It appears to be the ruins of what must have been a castle of some kind. In fact, the rubble just before you seems to have once been a gatewall, but it looks like it’s been smashed with something heavy. The path continues through it, but to follow would mean picking your way across some really unpleasant-looking crags.
The air is oddly still here, and despite the brightly-shining sun overhead, you feel just a little chilly.. It’s like a dip in temperature right before a storm, but there are no clouds and no sign of rain. Odd… The path leads out of the valley, meeting a small stream to the east.
You can go: Enter the Ruins <E>, Toward the Stream <W>

Glyn arrives, following Drune.

Drune slows his fast pace as they near the ruins, his eyes narrowing as he scans
the area ahead, sniffing at the air.

Glyn also tests the air, and scans the area immediately behind and around them
while Drune looks ahead.

Drune’s eyes keep to the entrance, nose dipping to the ground as he continues
scanning the area. “This place… never ceases to be foul. ” he remarks quietly.

Glyn pads to Drune’s side in silence as he finishes checking the perimeter.
Looking out to the ruins, he agrees with a grunt, “It doesn’t. We’ll see what
the giants can help us do about that.”

Drune sucks in a deep breath, nodding and sitting – facing the ruins. “The day
these walls crumble for good… will be a bright one. ”

Glyn look the other wolf over before settling down himself. “I’ve never doubted
the Royals that this could and should be done, but only now am I starting to see
how it really will happen.”

Drune’s eyes continue to wander the ruins. “Oh?”

Glyn speaks with quiet solemnity, “As the High King predicted, Narnia has banded
together in common cause. It’s like you’d always hoped. Just think how much
distrust and suspicion has been overcome just to get this far. Lions, wolves,
unicorns, eagles, centaurs and so many more, all cooperating in one great task.”

Drune snorts softly. “Indeed it is. Quite beautiful… all of it. ” he says
after a moment, his usual thoughtfulness starting to overtake his expression. ”
And ever onward we press, eh?”

Glyn shrugs. “Not while there are threats out there. The work never stops. But
imagine how much better prepared we can be with such a unity as we’ve forged.
Today the ruins, tomorrow the caverns, and the High King bringing the fight to
the giants.”

Drune nods. “Ah yes, we will begin clearing the way for a new and brighter
Narnia. All in time… but, a heartening thought regardless. ”

Glyn adds, “And it will take all of our talents to bring that day.” He inhales
deeply before turning to look at Drune. “I regret the way I spoke to you
yesterday. I stand by my words, but perhaps they were uncalled for at the time.”

Drune glances down at this. “You spoke no ill… ” he replies simply.

Glyn replies just as simply, “And neither did you.” He hesitates before
releasing a sigh. “I confess, Drune, I don’t know how to read you sometimes. And
sometimes I might jump to the wrong conclusion.”

Drune chuckles, now shooting him a glance. “I could say the same of you. ”

Glyn blinks, studying the wolf before politely shifting his gaze back to the
ruins as he ponders. “And here I thought I’d inherited at least a little of my
sister’s habit of speaking my mind.”

Drune smirks slightly. “Maybe in some regards… but, not entirely. ” He then
returns his gaze to the ruins. “I don’t know, Glyn. It is something I have tried
figuring out since our talk in the List a year or so ago. ” he pauses.

Glyn cocks a curious ear. “You’ll have to refresh my memory…”

Drune inclines his head. “A talk on the Lion himself… A memorable conversation
to be sure, though I was thinking of the latter part of it. You had finished by
saying you wished we would both be able to trust each other enough to speak as
freely as we did that day. ” his eyes narrow a bit as he shakes his head. “Ever
since that day, I wonder if it hasn’t been the opposite of that wish. ”

Glyn swallows and stares ahead. “Well. Circumstances have conspired. We’ve had
little time to talk.” He goes quiet for a long while before adding, “And there’s
the business with Caileana.”

Drune nods slightly. “They have… ” he pauses, shooting a knowing glance at
Glyn. “Your thoughts on the matter?”

Glyn replies quietly, “It would be good to clear the air on a couple of
matters.” He meets Drune’s glance to say, “I have come to trust you, a good
deal. But some topics have just not seemed appropriate to me to discuss. Perhaps
I was in error.”

Drune tilts his head slightly, expression remaining rather netural. “Feel free
to speak your mind, Glyn… Sounds as if you have a good deal to say, so don’t
hold back. ”

Glyn searches Drune’s eyes before looking ahead once more. “Caileana is a good
friend. My first friend when when I arrived here, and the closest I have. I’ve
come to feel somewhat… proprietorial about her. Ever since I came to realize
the nature of what was growing between you two, I’ve been concerned. Every
moment you’ve spent together, I’ve never quite been able to put out of my mind.”

Drune nods at this, gaze intent as he waits to see if Glyn goes on.

Glyn continues with some effort, “I cannot in good conscience try to separate
her from the one she has chosen, and so I have done nothing beyond share my
concerns. But I can see no good ending to this. You are each committed to your
packs. While you can stay here, you may enjoy your time together, but ultimately
your home is not with her. Caileana can be… impulsive. Hot-headed. I respect
her right to make her own decision in this matter, but I fear she will make the
wrong one.”

Drune nods once more, letting his gaze wander back to the ruins as he lets the
silence settle. “You are not the first to approach me on the matter. ” he
returns, voice low. “And a couple years ago… ” he snorts softly, shaking his
head. “I may have simply brushed the words off. Though, I fear… I am not able
to do so these days.”

Glyn folds an ear as he studies Drune’s face. “You have doubts too?”

Drune’s neutral expression starts to crack with weariness as he nods slowly. “I
would be a liar if I said I didn’t. ” he pauses. “Things may have changed since
my first meeting of Caileana. But, there are some things that just haven’t…
And that is our loyalties to each of our packs. ” he hehs. “Unless it wasn’t
already obvious, the entirety of my pack would have to commit treason against
Narnia before I would even /consider/ leaving them. That or my very own death
will seperate me from them, honestly… And, I am sure the same could be said of
Caileana. ”

Glyn grimaces. “Your heart is pulled in different directions. Do you know yet
what you’ll do?”

Drune’s gaze returns to the ground. “I only wish I knew. ” he closes his eyes
and shakes his head once more. “The one thing /I do/ know is how much I fear
hurting Caileana again. ” he pauses, as if searching for his next words. “To be
perfectly honest, I /do/ care very much… /very/ much for her. /That/ is why it
would pain me to do anything to hurt her… But, I see some mountains in the
way of any decently happy situation. ”

Glyn sighs and shakes his head as he keeps his eyes off Drune. “It is a puzzle.
I wish I knew how to advise you. If only I could change your hearts, I would.”

Drune hehs, a wry smile tugging at his muzzle as his gaze then moves to the sky.
“A puzzle indeed. Though… I wonder if my answer is right in front of me. ” he
pauses, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath of the night air – almost as
if he is drinking it in. “This Land… This great land of Narnia. ” he begins,
opening his eyes once more. “Has tasked me to serve in protecting it, by
whatever means necessary. I grew up with far too many mixed views, emotions and
wrong turns… But, as I was slowly brought onto the right path, there was one
thing that became crystal clear. I needed to give back to the Land and the Lion
who gave me everything. ”

Glyn follows his gaze upward, his expression creasing a little, pensive.

Drune continues after a moment. “And so, that is what I have set off to do. Give
back. This is a land that offers so much /hope/. ” he shakes his head, his own
expression taking on a look of slight disbelief. “Lion knows that nearly any
beast from here to Cair Paravel itself would stop to listen and actually care
about those in need of help. Nor could rightly describe the passion that those
beasts share for this land themselves. Nothing gives me a greater amount of joy
then to hear the hammers of the dwarves… Then to see the dancing of the
fauns… To hear the laughter of those gathered in the circle. I have come to
live… to see others /live/. ” he sighs, expression softening. “I think that is
where my answer becomes somewhat clearer, if not more painful in some regards.

Glyn swallows as the wolf’s meaning slowly becomes clear. “I don’t think even
Aslan would ask you to choose between a happy life and the life of the land,
Drune. Things would be so much different if your allegiances were not so
different, Caileana and you.”

Drune shrugs slightly. “Maybe. Adara… and I talked, some time ago about the
same matter. She had made the statement that… Caileana, if we were to move
forward, forgetting all the complications for a moment, would reqire my life.
Which, as she also said, most would also agree that that is true. Though,
also… The Guard demands a lot of the same. ” he pauses once more. “Would I
have to live my life being ripped apart by two things that demand all of me? Not
to say neither deserve it… but, there is something to be said of only being
able to give some and not all to /one/.

Glyn frowns as he turns that conflict over in his head. “The counsel I would
seek out would be Petraverd’s. He well knows the demands of the Guard and of
mateship… and fatherhood.” This last part is spoken almost too softly to be

Drune nods a bit more firmly. “I intend to. ” he looks to Glyn. “Just wanted to
give you some insight into where I am at. Not for pity’s sake, or what have
you… but, simply so that you can read me a bit better now. ” he chuckles. ”
And if not for that, for the sake of transparency at the very least. ” he eyes
him at this, a spark flickering in his gaze. “Along the same note… I hope you
know I mean’t nothing ill in my comments to you the other night. ”

Glyn rouses a little at the unexpected levity. He manages a small smile and
shakes his head. “No, those comments were a very small thing. That was the other
matter I wished to speak of, though.” He appears to choose his next words with
great care. “For many months now, I’ve detected hints–turns of phrase, small
gestures–that suggest I am not a leader you think well prepared for the task
ahead.” His gaze flicks for the briefest of instants to Drune before he looks
steadfastly back toward the ruins.

Drune’s expression sobers a bit at this, eyeing Glyn a moment before responding.
“I am sorry it has come across as such. That was never my intention… Like I
said the other night. I don’t see another wolf, or any other such narnian, more
qualified for your position. Obviously, I am not the only who thinks it
either… ” he hehs, looking back to the ruins. “From the moment I met you, you
always carried yourself and showed yourself wiser then your years. That being
proven even more true now that you have gained your postion in the Watch. No,
Glyn… I imagine you could handle nearly any dispute or internal issue. Even
that of an attack on the Waste… you have proven yourself to hand with
incredible skill. I suppose my hesitency rests in… Experience. If I am being
perfectly honest. ” he returns, watching for his reaction.

Glyn’s countenance remains even, although these is a significant pause before he
replies. “Your assessment is more than fair: it is generous. Certainly, there
are many experiences I lack; I confess that has weighed on my mind too.” He
frowns as he formulates his next question. “Tell me, Hunter–and I ask because I
value your opinion–when you think about the experiences I have not had, what
gap concerns you the most? There must be some scenario where you are uncertain
how I will perform when tested.”

Drune seems to think on this a moment, eyeing the Ruins. “I suppose our ventures
in the Caverns. As of yet, we have no encountered anything… outright at
least. ” his eyes narrow slightly. “And you have given me nothing to give me any
true reason to doubt your ability to handle yourself in there. Though, having
been in there… and around its inhabitants, but inside and above it. It makes
me question /any/ones initial reactions and decisions in the heat of the
moment. It is far easier to handle and control oneself above ground… on our
own territory nonetheless. Though, when any ventures into the darkness of the
caverns… the definition of hope changes. When we fight here… it is as if
hope seems to surround us. Down there, hope is that flicker of light in the
churning blackness… that gasp of real, fresh air that hints at an exit… the
silence that gives you solace from the the evils that haunt its halls, even if
it is only momentary. Those that live in its depths give a new perspective to
horror and evil.”
Glyn does not even try to suppress the shudder that runs down his spine. “You’re
right,” he murmurs at last. “I’ve not seen the horrors that you’ve seen. And I
cannot know what will happen to me when I do.” He sighs. “I suppose the only
reassurance I can offer is that I do undeerstand the nature of the pit I’m
flinging myself into. I’ve seen some of what these horrors have done to
others–you… Caileana–and I accept it, even without knowing all the
consequences.” He looks to Drune. “As you would probably say, we do this for
Narnia, in Aslan’s name. I must put my fate in his paws.”

Drune smiles softly at this, nodding to him. “And that is why you are
subcommander Glyn.” he hehs. “That is also why it is an honor to serve alongisde
you. Whatever may come, whatever is said or done… you will have me at your
back. Of that, you have my word. ”

Glyn returns the smile. “Thank-you. And I’m glad to have you at my side. Your
courage, your experience, your instincts will all be crucial. We go into this
together, no matter what.” He gives a bleak chuckle. “And besides, you can help
me keep an eye on that Son of Adam.”

Drune can’t suppress a laugh at this, nodding. “Oh, believe me Glyn. I will take
great pleasure in doing so. ” he looks skyward, sucking a short breath.
“Well… I fear I must be going, I have watch shortly. But hopefully… This
will be a new beginning, for both of us. ” he smiles slightly. “Thank you, for
listening… and talking with me Glyn. Truly does mean a great deal.”

Glyn grins and nods. “I hope it is too. This talk has been long overdue, and I’m
grateful for it.” He gets to his paws and stretches out. “Of course, duty
calls. I shan’t keep you from it. May your watch be uneventful.” He smiles.
“Take care.”

Drune dips his head to him, standing. “Farewell. ” he returns, before loping


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The Old Dwarven Path
You find yourself standing on a rutted and broken track that winds its way precariously along the northern march of Narnia. Immediately east of you, the ground rises sharply to meet the elevated flatlands of Ettinsmoor and leaves a rocky, treacherous escarpment. There is a kind of opening in it that is belching out cool air, adding to the rather grim feel to this part of the forest. The very trees seem to be looking upon you with an air of disapproval.
The track essentially seems to end here. At one time it may have continued southeastward, but a tree has fallen across it in that direction, rendering passage impossible. There is a smaller branch of the trail that veers off to the southwest, but it travels only a short way and then disappears. The only real direction to go is north.
You can go: North <N>
Contents: An eagle with a crested head (Skarlieth).

Skarlieth is waiting on the rocks next to the entrance, stance wary.

Drune pads towards the Cave’s entrance, Glyn and Auremh’ll not far behind.

Myrd lights the Torch.

Glyn peers down the path as the party readies itself. “Alright, so my understanding is that we’re trying to explore the passage that the previous party couldn’t get to, which likely leads toward the moors. We’re going to explore as far as we can for the evening and report back. Is that right with everyone?”

Skarlieth nods briskly. “Though I fear I may need some assistance in keeping pace with the rest of you… I am not swift on foot, and there is little room for flight.”

Glyn regards the Eagle thoughtfully. “I see. Well, that shouldn’t be difficult to accommodate. The light will be poor and we don’t know what we might encounter so we’ll want to travel carefully.”

A son of adam with unprepossessing features drawls, “Ain’t any room for flight. And I reckon that Commander told you, but might not be the worst idea to let me go first. I say stop and it ain’t going to be a joke.”

Glyn watches the man a little carefully. “As you’re carrying the torch, that would seem to be best. If everyone is ready, I think Myrd can lead us in now.”

Drune snorts, nodding slightly, his expression turning grim. “What he says is true… Be on your guard. ” Then looking to Glyn, he nods once.

Skarlieth looks toward the Son of Adam flatly. “I have been within and am aware of what we face.” To Glyn, he nods shortly.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features smirks a little. “Oh, I reckon so. You survive in here for months with Ettinsmoor at your back? Because I did–”

Drune’s expression grows a little flat at this, glancing to Glyn. “Shall we then?”

Glyn also chooses not to address that comment. “Please, lead on, Myrd.”

Skarlieth does not respond to Myrd beyond regarding him with his even gaze for a moment. He stands beside Drune.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features narrows his eyes at Drune, almost daring the wolf to call him a liar. He does as Glyn bids him and guides the party inside.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features clambers up the face of the embankment to the east and squeezes into the opening there, disappearing inside.

You clamber up the rocks and squeeze your way through the opening, letting yourself drop down inside.

At the mouth of the Cave of Hardfrost
You realize quickly that the cavern you stand in once served as both the mouth
of a cave and someone’s dwelling. By the light of your torch, you can make
out the typically damp, water-worn surfaces of the walls that one might expect
to see in any cave. The west wall, however, appears to be comprised of mostly
broken rock and soil. Obviously at some point, a cave-in from outside blocked
off most of the cave’s mouth.

You can also make out the remains of what appear to be someone’s clothing.
They aren’t much to look at now — more mold and holes than anything — but
from the size and style they appear to have belonged to a black dwarf. There
are remnants of metal near them that must have once been tools, but they are
too rusted now to be of much use to anyone.

The cavern continues eastward, narrowing somewhat. An average-sized beast
could also possibly crawl through the opening that remains in the west wall.
Your footfalls echo as you walk.

Tapestry Room
This room’s walls and floor are made of polished stone, much smoother than the
rough-hewn passages of the Twisted Cavern. Along the walls hang tapestries
showing the portaits and deeds of various monsters and evil beings from Narnian
history, worn from years left abandoned. On the exposed parts of the wall are
sconces made of skulls which hold candles that have long burned out. A tapestry
has been torn down and lays in a trampled heap on the floor. The nails where it
hung on the west wall are still fixed there. Below them yawns a large opening
leading into an adjoining cavern. A dark carpet runs northward down the center
of the room.

Glyn peers about the gloom. “Which way from here?”

Skarlieth’s sharp eyes focus on the passage to the south, though it’s doubtful he can actually see much more than the rest of them with all the shadows. “This is where we encountered the Dwarves on our last venture…”

Drune pads behind the others, keeping a keen eye on their surroundings as they enter the room. A deep frown crosses his muzzle as he eyes the walls, attention then darting to the South, his frown darkening.

A frog turns insubstantial and disappears.

Glyn eyes the passage. “So which way haven’t we been? We go north?”

A son of adam with unprepossessing features doesn’t seem particularly bothered by the room. He holds the torch high. “You want my opinion, north ain’t a bad idea. Ain’t going to find much, though. Cleared out years ago. Best watch your step. Wish we had the unicorn–he’d at least be good for nosing out any magic left behind.”

Skarlieth glances towards a frog hopping about just within the torchlight. He watches it a minute, eyes widening as it vanishes. He smooths his expression almost instantly before glancing northward. He seems about to speak when Myrd does, at which point he falls silent.

Drune nods slightly at Myrds comment. “We were informed that the north led to Ironholt… by the dwarves that were here last… at least, what is left of it. ”

Glyn’s voice echoes. “The Commander was saying that Kiyon had explored some of Ironholt already, and that he was interested in the other passage. That must be south then.”

A son of adam with unprepossessing features snorts. “Ruddy dwarves. Always out for themselves, ain’t they? Well, let’s see. Been a while since I passed through, and I ain’t saying it ain’t changed since then. Adara’s told me a little more since she and Raistlana came through after Tempest.”

Skarlieth glances towards Drune at Glyn’s suggestion, frowning slightly, though he remains silent.

Drune’s jaw clenches at the mention of the southern passage, expression turning hard but otherwise he makes no other show of emotion. Hearing his packmate’s name though, his ear flicks and his eyes dart to Myrd.

A frog turns insubstantial and disappears.

Glyn glances around the uncertain faces and declares, “Very well. If there are no specific objections, let’s go this way.” He gestures to the southern passage with his muzzle.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features shrugs and drawls. “Your call, I reckon. Ain’t my preference to go south, but–”

Skarlieth nods once at Glyn’s words, starting to pick his slow way in that direction.

Glyn nods to Myrd. “It’s the direction we know least about. We may not go too far, but we need to get a sense of what lies there.”

Drune grunts, nodding once. “The entrance needs to be explored at the very least… Supposedly it leads to the Twisted Caverns. ” he seems to think on this, expression growing flat as he does so. With small sigh, he moves towards the passage. “I’d really rather someone whom has been in these Caverns and knows their sounds… and smells, to lead. If not me, then Auremh’ll. ” he says simply.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features’s jaw sets as he heads through the passage with the light. “Could’ve just asked for a ruddy map, you know–and yeah, that’d be true.”

Drune hears echoing footsteps from the north.

Glyn takes a breath and schools himself as he follows after Myrd.

Drune heads south.

Cave Passage
You find yourself in a nondescript cave passage, with darkness pressing in
all around you. The flamelight flickers against the stone walls on either
side, revealing very little about your location. The walls are rock and
appear to be very solid. The air is chilly.
Your footfalls echo as you walk.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features keeps the torch steady. His free hand strays in the direction of the top of his boot, where his dagger’s hilt is just visible. The silence he maintains is almost palpable.

Drune keeps close behind Myrd, padding carefully and sniffing at the air, expression extremely alert.

Skarlieth has fallen to the back as they walk, constantly scanning the edges of the torchlight.

Glyn mutters quietly, “Seem to have lost those footsteps…”

A son of adam with unprepossessing features sweeps his torch over the ground, scanning for any marks of passage. His expression is hardened, almost dangerous, and he narrows his eyes at even the low noise Glyn makes, though he doesn’t criticize him. He gestures to draw their attention to an uneven portion of the cave’s floor.

Drune’s ear flicks towards Glyn, jaw clenching at voice. Catching Myrd’s gesture though, his eyes narrow as he examines the floor.
Glyn keeps straining to listen for the return of those footsteps, the sound of his pawpads settling into silence as he moves forward to see what Myrd is pointing at.

Skarlieth shoots a glance at the sound of a voice, though he simply nods and looks towards what Myrd indicated, making sure to watch his footing as he does so.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features leans in and says something so quiet as to be almost inaudible, speaking directly into Glyn’s ear.

Drune shoots a glance at Myrd.

Glyn’s ear twitches as he attends Myrd’s words. Straightening, he nods wordlessly. He scents the air, casting about for any familiar traces while he waits for Myrd to proceed.

Skarlieth skirts the uneven ground and likewise waits to move onward, looking around virtually nonstop.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features does move forward, his stance that of a hunter. He touches the wall of the cave in certain spots, refamiliarizing himself with landmarks that are not immediately obvious.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features walks eastward.

Glyn trots eastward.

Skarlieth walks eastward.

Drune heads east.

Cave Passage
You find yourself in a nondescript cave passage, with darkness pressing in
all around you. The flamelight flickers against the stone walls on either
side, revealing very little about your location. The walls are rock and
appear to be very solid. The air is chilly.

Your footfalls echo as you walk.

Glyn picks his way noiselessly along behind Myrd, every so often cocking his ears backward to listen for disturbances behind as well as ahead.

Drune continues on silently behind Glyn now, expression hardening further as they go deeper.

Skarlieth continues to lag, though he really is making a valiant effort to keep pace. It doesn’t particularly help that he is too busy flicking his gaze around them to pay much attention to the floor, though he manages not to stumble for the most part.

Glyn observes the Eagle’s behavior and lingers long enough to cock a questioning ear to him.
A son of adam with unprepossessing features tenses at a marking his torch reveals on the wall. After a long pause, he says quietly, “Ain’t anyone been through here recent. Unless they ain’t moving along the ground.”

Drune snorts softly, a look of disgust crossing his expression as he glances further down the passage.

Skarlieth meets Glyn’s eyes and tightens his beak slightly. He attempts to go faster, though quickly slows again at the increased noise the try makes. He mutters something to Glyn as he passes.

Skarlieth mumbles “… apologies. … … … … … slow … any …”, to Glyn.

Glyn’s ears flick at the noises, his eyes narrowing for a moment before he returns his attention to Skarlieth and makes a quick whispered reply. Then he moves up to Myrd’s side and rears up to murmur something in his ear.

Glyn mumbles “We can … … … … footing.”, to Skarlieth.

Glyn mumbles “Good … … far does this … passage …”, to Myrd.

A son of adam with unprepossessing features scowls a little as he thinks about Glyn’s question.

Myrd mumbles “… … … … … … go … it being … …”, to Glyn.

Drune’s expression remains unchanged, shooting another glance further down the passage before looking to his companions and awaiting their movements.

Skarlieth catches up to Drune and also waits, eying the passage ahead grimly.

Glyn pauses to consider, squinting into the darkness ahead. Then, with a gesture, he beckons the group to huddle close so he can speak to all of them in a whisper. “Time to head back, especially if none of us can find traces of life. This passage is a choke point, which is what we need. Objections to turning back?”

A son of adam with unprepossessing features drawls, “There’s being a ruddy coward, and then there’s sense. Going back’s the latter. We got time to press on.”

Drune shoots a glance at Myrd once more, a frown crossing his muzzle as he nods. “As much as I don’t find this to be about cowardice, I find it prudent to move forward. Just because we don’t /see/ life here… ” he frowns, voice still at a whipser as he glances to the passage ahead. “… doesn’t mean a thing. ”

Skarlieth glances at the Son of Adam briefly, but looks back to Glyn. “Whichever direction is taken, I will follow,” he replies quietly. after.”

Glyn presses his lips together. “We’ll only get so far, regardless, and so we’ll have to use our senses and judgment about tracks as best we can. Alright, let’s go deeper. I admit I’m curious when this straight passage ends.”

Drune looks to Glyn at this, nodding once before leaning in to mumble something to Skarlieth.

Drune mumbles “I don’t think this path does end…”, to Skarlieth.

Drune mumbles “I … think … path … …”, to Skarlieth.

The Torch flickers and goes out.

Glyn freezes as the torch abruptly sputters out. He remains absolutely silent for a time, wondering if this was a gust of wind or something else.

Skarlieth nods once to Glyn’s words. As Drune mumbles to him, his expression grows grimmer. Just as he is about to reply, however, the sudden darkness freezes him.

Drune keeps utterly still as the darkness takes over his eyesight. The only thing that can be heard from him is the soft sniffling of his nose, as he tries to take in any scents.

Glyn waits many, many heartbeats before asking in a very low voice, “Drune… do you still have your satchel?”

Drune grunts. “That I do… ” he replies, voice /very/ low. “Why?”

Glyn continues in a matching tone to Drune’s, “We need a way to stay together. Can we use the strap as a tether? Skarlieth can grip mine, and I can grip yours.”

Drune grunts once more. “Alright… ” he moves closer to Glyn’s voice, brushing up against him and shrugging his pack towards glyn.

Skarlieth asks, as quietly as the other two, “Are either of you certain enough of the direction back? If we wander the wrong way, we may find ourselves quite lost here.”

Glyn adds to Skarlieth’s point, “Or a dead fall.” He feels about for Drune’s strap while shifting a little closer to the Eagle’s voice so he can reach out for his strip too. “I don’t see how we can go further in this circumstance. We’ve only got our noses and ears.”

Skarlieth is silent for a moment before asking in an even lower voice, no small amount of shame in it, “I truly do not think I will be able to walk while holding a strap in the dark. Forgive me, but would either of you be willing to bear me upon your back?”

Drune doesn’t say anything for a moment, letting out a soft grunt after a long pause. “I will be able to bear you Skarlieth… ” he returns, pausing once more before letting out a soft sigh. “I suppose can’t move forward. ” darkness…” to Skarlieth

Skarlieth shuffles towards Drune’s voice, talons scraping against the stone. “My deep apologies…” he says in a near-whisper. At Drune’s second comment, he asks, “Have you found the wall?”

Drune whispers. “Think nothing of it friend… ” with another grunt, he shakes his head, more out of habit then expecting anyone to see it. “I have not… ”

Glyn says after a moment’s pause, “Drune, how about I look for the wall while you and Skarlieth stay anchored? We don’t want to get turned around accidentally.”

Drune replies after another moment. “Alright… but do /not/ go far away from us. This is the last place you want to get seperated. ”

Skarlieth remains standing next to Drune for now, silent once more as they wait.

Glyn murmurs, “Agreed. I won’t go out of earshot.” Faint noises of pawpads brushing against stone can be heard as he picks his tentative way in the direction he remembered the wall lying.

Drune waits a moment before asking. “Anything yet…?”

Skarlieth mutters quietly, “It seemed a narrow enough passage with the torchlight…” He listens intently for the answer to Drune’s question.

Glyn replies from a little farther off, “I think I can hear… yes, this is the wall.” After a bit of brushing, he adds, “There aren’t many features I remember, though… it’s hard to tell which way is deeper and which way leads out.”

Drune lets out a soft grumble. “This is /not/ good… ” he frowns, sniffing at the air and turning slowly, brushing up against Skarlieth. “If we accidently go futher in… we could be lost in here for… ” he stops suddenly, not finishing the statement. “We cannot make that mistake. ”

Skarlieth is silent a moment longer before admitting, “I fear the caverns have distorted my sense of direction more that I had anticipated… I do not know which direction would be the one we need.”

Glyn fails to suppress a shudder that he is glad his companions cannot see. Swallowing, he speaks perfectly evenly. “We’ll have to make our best guess. If we don’t find that tapestry room soon, then we can follow the same wall back. You should join me by the wall here. Follow my voice…”

Drune snorts softly. “The Tapestry Room was a fair distance behind us… How are we going to know when to turn back if we don’t find it? ” He turns, the frown in his voice audible as he slowly makes his way over towards Glyn, brushing up against Skarlieth once more.

Skarlieth begins to move as well. “We ought to be able to walk straight for someways. I seem to recall the Tapestry Room was lit from the Dwarves? I do not think the path turned until then. If we see a light coming from off of the straight path…” He trails off as he brushes against the wall and comes to a halt.

Glyn keeps talking in a low voice as they navigate the uneven ground toward him. “We can certainly hope for light back that way. I think you’re right about the way the passage turned back there. Drune, I agree that there is great risk with what I’m suggesting. If you have a better alternative…” When the Eagle’s quick movements stop, Glyn quests out with his nose while keeping his flank along the wall until he nuzzles feathers. “There we are.”

Drune grumbles, letting out a soft sigh. “I have nothing better… Lead on then, Glyn. ” he returns, following Glyn’s voice as he moves to come up next to where he thinks Skarlieth is.

Skarlieth can’t help but jump at the sudden touch of the nose. He snaps his beak once, then apologizes. “Forgive me, I am not accustomed to being so… blind.” He takes a deep breath. “Indeed. Lead on, Subcommander…” His tone has become forced-calm.

Glyn takes a steadying breath that almost works. “Of course. We’re all jumpy. Drune, here’s my satchel,” he offers, shifting to Skarlieth’s side where he believes Drune is standing. “Let me know when you’re linked up and ready, and I’ll take it slowly this way.”

Drune latches onto Glyn’s satchel, giving a grunt in response.

Skarlieth takes another breath and then says, “Drune, I am about to land on your back. Any talons you feel in the next moment are not hostile.” There’s a couple short bursts of rushing wind and sound as he takes off, managing to gauge Drune’s position accurately. His talons poke Drune for a moment before he latches onto the satchel strap.

Glyn murmurs, “Alright, I’m starting now. Yank the strap and I’ll stop.” He tests the tension on the strap before picking his way carefully along the wall, his movements jerky and uneven as he negotiates the crevices and outcroppings.

You head east.
Cave Passage

It is very dark here. You cannot see anything!

Your footfalls echo as you walk.

You head east.
Cave Passage

It is very dark here. You cannot see anything!

Your footfalls echo as you walk.

Glyn begins veering far, far to the left. “I think… I think we’ve hit a dead end. I can’t go any further.”

Drune grunts, opening his mouth to speak quietly. “This may be the turn we ran into a little while back… try moving the other way. ” he returns, tone uneasy as he latches back onto the strap.

Skarlieth’s grip tightens on the satchel as he adds, “If it is, the Tapestry room cannot be far off…”

Glyn keeps circling about to the left, clattering as he stumbles through a scree of stones. “I could have sworn that the opening would have been in that wall, though,” he mutters.

You head north.
Cave Passage

It is very dark here. You cannot see anything!

Your footfalls echo as you walk.

Glyn feels the wall he’s following bend away from him again, and halts. “Alright. We’ve turned. This has to be the tapestry room. Can we feel around for it? I don’t see any of that light…”

Drune keeps hold Glyn’s satchel, gingerly brushing up against the walls and padding around him. “I feel nothing… ” he replies after a pause.

Skarlieth comments in a tone that is overly calm, “Perhaps I was recollecting from before when it came to the lights. After all, the Dwarves were not burning anything today…” As he lifts a wing and brushes the stone of the walls, he goes silent.

Glyn shakes his head. “Do we need to explore farther into the room? I can’t remember how far the tapestry was from this turn.”

Drune hehs. “A little bit further… if this continues to mess with our memories though, I say we turn back and attempt the other direction. ”

Skarlieth nods, then realizes how futile that is. “I would agree. Even if we do not find the tapestry, there was the stream. If we come across water soon, it could be the proper direction.”

Glyn’s voice is tight. “Alright. This feels wrong though, because the wall bends right again in this direction, and I can only hear dripping not trickling. A bit farther and we’ll see if we hit a stream or that tapestry.” He moves on even more slowly than before as his nose quests over ever surface looking for fabric.

You head east.
Cave Passage

It is very dark here. You cannot see anything!

Your footfalls echo as you walk.

Drune follows close behind, still clinging to Glyn’s satchel. As they continue he gives soft yank on the strap.

Glyn halts immediately, craning his head back to ask, “Trouble?”

Skarlieth remains silent, waiting for Drune to speak.

Drune lets out a low grumble. “Indeed… This isn’t right… We have gone too far and none of this seems familiar. ”

Glyn’s reply is grim. “That’s been my feeling too. Skarlieth, what do you think?”

Skarlieth’s voice echoes. “I agree. We should at the very least hear the stream by now. We should turn back.”

Drune’s tone turns wariy. “Yes… we should… and now. ” he returns, a bit of urgency in his voice.

Glyn says, “Alright, we’re turning back now,” with some relief in his tone. He spends a bit of time nudging his way back along the gap between his companions and the rough wall before he is able to set the path back. “Still linked up?” he asks one more time.

Skarlieth waits for Drune to answer.

Drune responds with a quick and simple. “Yes.”

Glyn proceeds back along the way they came, moving a little more self-assurance at the slightly more familiar outcroppings, and possibly haste borne of relief.

You head west.
Cave Passage

It is very dark here. You cannot see anything!

Your footfalls echo as you walk.

Glyn plunges into the darkness. You hear a dull *thud* as he trots right into a wall! Ow!

Glyn cannot keep himself from growling his time as he hits another dead end. “It’s no good, I have to feel along to the right now.”

Drune loosens his grip on the satchel, gingerly moving forward to come alongside glyn and feel for the wall. “By the mane… ” he breathes. “Another wall… ”

Skarlieth mutters, “Indeed altogether too many of them,” before saying slightly louder, “Perhaps it is best if we come to a halt for now. You both just sparred recently, it is late, and exhaustion will not help us find our way out.”

Glyn sits down, thrusting his rump back against the wall in some frustration. “A quiet space to think is probably be a good idea,” he admits. “With luck,” he adds ruefully, “we’re already closer to those dwarves than… anything else.”

Drune doesn’t reply to their suggestions, the only thing to be heard from him being is breathing.

Skarlieth replies, “Indeed. After we have rested, perhaps it shall be clearer.”

Glyn lapses into silence along with Drune, just staring into the blackness and willing for calm.

Drune swallows, sucking in a slow breath and brushing up against both Skarlieth and Glyn, putting his back to them and facing the darkness. “You two rest… I will stand watch. ” he says firmly.

Skarlieth hops to the ground, talons clacking against the stone. He takes a breath, but then lets it out without protesting. He falls into silence, likely not accompanied by sleep.


You can’t be two things…

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At the Base of the Watchtower
The Northern Wood is a dense and varied woodland. It consists primarily of oak  and white pine trees, with a variety of other groves growing here and there.  Some of the thicker trunks bear black, ribbed scars from some ancient fire,
which might help to explain the large natural clearing that has formed here.  The trees thin out to buckthorn and gorse bush about a large tower built of  rough-hewn stone. The tower is in good repair, and stretches high enough to  clear the tree canopy, presumably affording a good view from all approaches.
You can go: Enter the Watchtower <S>
Contents: A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye and Torgin.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye sits at the foot of the tower. She’s taken the daggers and swords out and laid them on a blanket to be sharpened and cleaned.

Drune pads towards the tower from the east, eyes scanning the area as he nears the tower. Upon seeing Jana, he inclines his head and barks in greeting.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye lifts her chin hello, her concentration largely ona a rather rusty looking dagger.

Drune nods, eyes surveying the weapons as he draws near. “You wanted to see me? ” He returns, his tone light and expression curious.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “If you got time outside Caileana.”

Drune expression flickers a moment, brow raising. “I’d say I have plenty… ” he begins, taking a breath and letting his expression ease a bit before continuing. “Something wrong, Adara?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye glances up from the blade long enough to give him a look that seems to say “gather the evidence and draw a conclusion”.

Drune continues staring at her, expression remaining rather neutral as he lets the silence hang, giving no evidence to say whether or not he understood her look.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye runs her whetstone along the blade, seeming comfortable with the quiet. She examines her work and runs it again before replying, “What’s between you two?”

Drune looks to the blade. “Nothing is between us… ” he replies slowly.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye gives him a skeptical glance.

Drune’s expression holds, brow widening expectently as he waits for her to continue.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “It don’t bother me if you lead a person on, but only I don’t reckon that’s the sort of thing you want to do, and it do bother me if you end up in some kind of moral morass and start brooding and things.”

Drune’s expression flickers once more, frustration becoming evident. “Forgive my bluntness… but, by the mane… could you speak plainly? ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “She’s interested in you. I reckon she’s told you she ain’t, because if you’re telling me and yourself the truth, you aren’t interested in her, and I figure I know you well enough you ain’t the type mess in her head. But it’s clear to me she’s setting herself up to hang on you, whether she’s saying it to you or herself or no.”

Drune brow raises sharply at this. “I’d be careful voicing a presumption as a fact Adara… ” he returns, voice even. “If you must know, I /do/ care about her and whatever happens beyond that… only the Lion knows. ” he replies simply, whatever emotions had begun to rise now subsiding.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “You just said there is nothing between you. Do you see how this all could be confusing.”

Drune shakes his head, looking utterly confused for a moment before his eyes grow wide in realization. Snorting and shaking his head once more, he begins. “Adara… in saying that there was nothing between us. I meant that there is no quarrel between us… not the other way around. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye’s lips purse.

Drune eyes her, once again letting the silence settle and looking as if he has little intention of breaking it.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye moves on to the next dagger.

Drune continues eyeing her, after another minute he lets his gaze fall to the weapons once more.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Well. I reckon you don’t want my advice.”

Drune sighs softly. “I am never opposed to the advice of others… whether I agree with it or not. What is your advice?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “I’ve already gave it to you. You can’t be two things.”

You ask, “And how am I being two things?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “If you commit to her, she will require all of you. If you commit to the guard, it will require all of you. I am always on the edge of being dropped from the guard: on my /good/ days I’m on the edge of that. Petraverd is ruddy neurotic with his split brain between Peridot and commanding. You cannot be good at both. I am forever pushing on the day when I am forced to choose, and it makes me a bad wife and a bad guardswoman.”

Drune’s countenance flickers as she speaks, the life in his eyes seeming to drain as the point starts to hit home. As she finishes, he lets her words hang once more, his gaze lowering to the forest floor in thought. “I hadn’t quite thought of it that way… ” he admits, voice low.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye doesn’t drop her gaze, but her face gains the blankness characteristic of introspection or of repugnance for the topic at hand.

Drune sighs, expression a mix of thoughtfulness and uneasiness as he lets his gaze wander the woods.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye finally returns her attention to her work.

Drune looks down to his paws, looking as if he is seriously thinking something over. “I am not quite at the point of such a choice… but, now that you have brought it to my attention. ” he frowns slightly, though it doesn’t seem to be directed at her. ” It shall be running through my mind. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye gives a small shrug.

Drune’s jaw clenches as he continues mulling this over. Then shaking his head, he sighs once more. “For now though… I cannot focus on that. ” he glances off to the woods once more. “The Watch and our protection of Narnia is my main concern, and for now, it will stay that way.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye glances back up at him. Her expression does not entirely indicate trust in this statement, but she gives a nod of approval. “I reckon I’ll help that concern however you need.”

Drune hehs. “It is appreciated. ” he chuckles. “Though, I imagine that is already a part of your job as it stands…”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Ain’t got no problem with reaffirming it, though.”

Drune hehs, countenance starting to lighten. He looks to her weapons once more, gaze growing thoughtful and a small spark lighting in his eyes. “Well… then, in the spirit of reaffirming your job and certain… /other/ aspects of it… ” he chuckles. “.. I don’t imagine you would be up for a spar? ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye cants her head in concession. “Reckon I could do that.” She puts the weapon aside. “None of this, though.”

Drune watches her move the weapons aside, his brow raising slightly. “As you wish… ” he says a bit hesitantly, standing and padding backwards a few paces.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye gets up and steps away from her instruments, “Them things are for if you’re looking to kill and you’re in a real bad spot. They got their use, but not sparring.”

Drune snorts, stretching and digging his claws into the dirt. “So are my teeth and claw… I can’t rightly put those away. ” he returns, grin tugging at the corner of his mouth.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye rolls her shoulders. “Well, don’t mess up my pretty face, will you. I already got one scar.”

Drune chuckles at this, crouching low as he awaits the start of the spar. “After you… ”

<<< Fighting >>>

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye finally calls a stop to the spar by lifting her hand. “I got to put these things away before I get home.”

Drune halts suddenly, pulling back and panting hard. “Well fought… ” he remarks, eyeing her carefully and paying no attention to her statement. “Are you alright?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye pulls her arm across her mouth, catching her breath. “Yeah.”

Drune eyes her a moment before nodding. “Very well… Well fought Adara. ” he remarks, smiling a bit.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “You too.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye rests a little before going to wrap up the weapons, making first sure that they are completely dry.

Drune watches her, expression rather absent.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye lifts them and steps toward the tower door, pausing before she goes in. “You got to go in?”

Drune shakes his head at this. “No… no, I think I will run one last patrol before turning in. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “See you, then.”

Drune dips his head to her before padding off and into the night.


Painful Test and Awkward Observations

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At the Base of the Watchtower
The Northern Wood is a dense and varied woodland. It consists primarily of oak
and white pine trees, with a variety of other groves growing here and there.
Some of the thicker trunks bear black, ribbed scars from some ancient fire,
which might help to explain the large natural clearing that has formed here.
The trees thin out to buckthorn and gorse bush about a large tower built of
rough-hewn stone. The tower is in good repair, and stretches high enough to
clear the tree canopy, presumably affording a good view from all approaches.
You can go: Enter the Watchtower <S>
Contents: An eagle with a crested head (Skarlieth) and Torgin.

Skarlieth is perched in one of his favorite trees near the Tower entrance. The branch is high enough to give him a good range of vision while still being low enough to hear and be heard, if not for comfortable conversation. A bit of fresh-fallen snow is on the branch alongside him, and he is alertly scanning the area.

Petraverd comes trotting toward you from the northwest.

Drune pads slowly towards the entrance to the Tower, expression in it’s usual distant state.

Skarlieth’s sharp gaze quickly falls on the Wolf and he gives a low cry of greeting.

Drune shakes himself loose of his thoughtful bonds, looking up and nodding to the Eagle. “Skarlieth. ” he smiles softly. “How do you fare this evening, friend?”

Skarlieth nods back at the Wolf and replies, “The winds are gentle and the skies calm, so I am well.” He flaps to a lower branch, turning to face Drune again. “What of you?”

Drune hehs, coming to rest near the tree Skarlieth has perched in. “Suffice it to say… these last few days have given me a great deal to think about. ”

Skarlieth’s gaze goes somewhat wry. “An understatement, I would imagine, particularly for yourself, my friend.”

Drune snorts wryly, his gaze drifting skyward. “Indeed… My thoughts drift inward when there should be /nothing/ to think on. I’d say these last few days have been as the crashing of the waves at stormness and yet… ” he pauses,
unmoving. “…there is peace in the midst of chaos. ”

Petraverd emerges from the tower, nodding to Torgin as he does so, and shakes out his mane as he glances about.

Skarlieth tips his head at this last bit. “Oh?” He inquires before catching sight of the Unicorn emerging. “Hail, Commander.”

Drune tilts his head, letting out a soft sigh before looking to Petraverd and nodding. “Commander. ”

Petraverd bobs a nod toward the two. “Hello Skarlieth, Drune. Have I walked in on something?”

Skarlieth glances at Drune briefly, hesitating a split moment before shaking his head once. “For my part, you are welcome as always, Commander.”

Drune nods once more, countenance light. “And the same goes for my part. ”

Petraverd smiles, nodding again. “And how fare the both of you?”

Skarlieth spreads his wings for a moment. “In a mood of thought this evening, it seems. And what of yourself?”

Drune hehs, looking to Petraverd as he awaits his response.

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Not much different, though I suppose that’s hardly surprising to either of you.”

Skarlieth gives a slight clack of his beak. “Quite true. But then, we have been provided with much material to think upon.”

Drune nods at this. “Indeed we have… ”

Petraverd nods. “So we have. THere’s been much to consider as of late.”

Skarlieth tips his head, examining Petraverd. “Has the time to consider provided you with any more insight as to our most recent venture, or where it is to continue?”

Drune inclines his head at this, expression curious.

Petraverd bobs his head slightly. “A bit, yes. As far as next steps, I still think the northern passage is still the place that needs the most examination. Ironholt we’ll leave to the Dwarfs for now, and the caverns… well. Best we not press any more in that direction than strictly necessary.”

Skarlieth nods once. “If that is the case, shall we still pursue the exploration in larger company, or will three or four suffice?”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Three or four should still suffice, as it stands, I think. While there is safety in numbers, there is mobility in… smaller ones, along with stealth. We should attempt to strike the balance.”

Drune’s expression turns hesitant at Petraverd’s words, his head bobbing back and forth as he seems to mull something over. “With all due respect Commander… I do not feel it wise to leave such a path so close to the Waste unguarded. Not only that, but to leave its very doorway unchecked… could lead to other problems arising. ” he sighs softly, expression growing somber. “Don’t misunderstand me though… to venture any further then a breath into that cave system would be a fools errend. ”

Skarlieth’s gaze takes on a touch of dry amusement for a split moment at something about Petraverd’s words before he looks to Drune, head tilted slightly as he listens. He inclines his head and stays silent, waiting for Petraverd’s response.

Petraverd glances to Drune, nodding slightly. “I certainly don’t intend to leave the door wide open and unguarded. But if something sleeps within, and yet remains disinclined to venture out of depths, I do not intend to give it /reason/ to do so, either.”

Drune nods slowly, snorting as his head bobs. “I cannot argue this… the last thing we need is to shake a nest. On the other hand, i’d rather not leave those terrors to brood their way into the light. ” he frowns slightly. “Because it is
only a matter of time. ”

Skarlieth studies the treetops as he considers this. “It seems to me that we may wish to establish regular communication with the Dwarves. They lie upon the doorstep of these caverns, whatever may be within. If something were to emerge,
they would be the first to know and the first to face it.” He pauses, a slight frown crossing his expression. “And from what the one said, I am not sure if they are treating the Caverns with as much care as we.”

Petraverd glances to Drune. “A sleeping dragon, however large, is still a lesser threat than an awakened werewolf. I don’t disagree, but we only have so many resources at our disposal – I would rather focus them on the immediate concern, rather than the more far-reaching.” Turning to Skarlieth, he says, “That is not to say, of course, that I intend to ignore the far-reaching completely. I agree communication with the Dwarves is in order – something I need to discuss with Kiyon. As he already knows the two of them, perhaps his efforts would prove the most successful.”

Drune nods at this, seemingly accepting his words. “Understood. ” He replies simply.

Skarlieth dips his head as well. “Very well.”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Exploration of at least the entrance toward the caverns might not be a bad idea, either – if they show signs of recent passage, then we might indeed have more immediate concerns. If they do not, however –
best leave them that way.”

Drune nods once more. “I couldn’t agree more… And soon ideally. ”

Skarlieth also nods, though he leaves the speaking to Drune.

Petraverd hehs, glancing to Drune. “Again, I don’t disagree. Although you and I may have different definitions of ‘soon.'”

Drune snorts wryly. “I don’t mean this night, Commander. ” he hehs. “I may not be the most patient wolf in this land… but, I know the importance of holding back and examining one’s venture. ”

Skarlieth seems to smile very faintly, though the look fades as he glances to the east.

Petraverd tilts his head in a skeptical sort of fashion, though he grins. “Meant, no, but I think I know you too well to believe the hope for it isn’t there regardless.”

Drune can’t help the grin tugging on the corner of his muzzle. “I… have
nothing more to say on the matter. ” he chuckles, shaking his head.

Skarlieth is pulled into the chain of grins, even if his is a bit more subtle.

Petraverd twitches his ears in an amused sort of fashion as he says, “Which, perhaps, says a good deal in and of itself.”

Drune snorts, shaking his head. “Sometimes I think I surround myself with Narnians that know me all /too/ well…”

Skarlieth glances at the two, smile remaining. “A common thought, I believe, when the Commander is involved.”

Petraverd shakes out his mane in a rather exaggerated manner. “An impression I like to cultivate. Makes others less likely to try and get around me if they think I’ll figure it out anyway.”

Drune hehs once more, nodding. “Fair enough. ” he remarks simply, letting the silence then settle.

Skarlieth clacks his beak once. “I see.”

Petraverd smirks faintly as he says, “I play the long game, remember.”

Drune chuckles, letting his gaze drift skyward. “Ah yes… ” he returns, looking as if he is drifting back into his thoughtful state.

Skarlieth glances toward Drune briefly, the amusement fading a bit from his gaze.

Petraverd shakes out his mane again. “How successfully is anyone’s guess, of course, but there you are.”

Drune’s expression sombers a bit, looking back down and glancing between the two, nodding absently at Petraverd’s statement.

Skarlieth looks at Petraverd, faintly wry once more. “That is a part of a long term strategy.”

Skarlieth pages, “Clearly, awkward silences mean that spars ensue, right?” to you.

Petraverd says, “True, true. Enough to try anyone’s patience at times, though.”

Drune hehs softly, his gaze dropping to his forepaws as he extends his claws and digs them into the ground.
Skarlieth’s gaze falls back on his friend, though he responds, “I had begun to doubt your patience could ever wear thin.” He tips his head at Drune. “Where are your thoughts taking you, friend?” He asks bluntly.

Petraverd says simply, “Oh, I’m hardly infallible,” before he glances to Drune himself, tilting his head.

Drune looks up at this, smiling softly as he shakes his head. “Ah, just sifting through the muddle that is my mind… ” he snorts, not looking entirely convinced of this himself. “But, no matter… ” he stands, stretching. “I don’t suppose either or both of you are up for a spar?”

Skarlieth would likely raise an eyebrow if he had one to raise. Instead, he eyes Drune for a moment, then clacks his beak with an amused shake of his head. “In the time you have known me, how common is it that I have not been?”

Petraverd twitches his ears, remarking, “I think I’ll content myself to observe this time around.”

Drune eyes Petraverd a moment, grinning slightly before simply nodding. “As you wish, Commander. ” Then looking to Skarlieth, his grin widens. “Shall we do so here? Or have you another place in mind?”

Skarlieth glances around and spreads his wings. “For now, this will do as well as any other place. Shall I take first strike, or would you prefer the opportunity?”

Petraverd moves over by Torgin, finding himself a good vantage point to observe. pose pads a few paces back, stretching once more and diggings his claws into the dirt. “After you. ” he returns, eyes sparking.

Drune pads a few paces back, stretching once more and diggings his claws into the dirt. “After you. ” he returns, eyes sparking.

Skarlieth’s eyes take on a fierce glint. His wings flare out to their full extent and he uses the slight height of his branch for initial momentum in a dive at Drune, beak slashing at the Wolf’s upper back.

>>> Skarlieth pecks Drune hard! Drune catches the blow on his armor! Drune doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.
Drune tenses up instantly as the Eagle takes flight, eyes darting to follow his movements. As Skarlieth dives, he leaps up and twists hard, looking unfazed as Skarlieths beak finds it mark and slashing out with his claws in return.

>>> Drune swipes at Skarlieth with his claws! Skarlieth is scratched!
Petraverd makes a quiet remark to Torgin, who nods his agreement.

Skarlieth’s talons flash out in a mirror of Drune’s own scratch, raking at the foreleg. He jerks down one wing, bringing him in a tight circle to try to get behind the Wolf.

>>> Skarlieth swipes at Drune with his claws! Drune doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune flinches slightly as he feels the talons but instantly responds with a swift kick.

>>> Drune kicks Skarlieth hard! Skarlieth is bruised!
Skarlieth flinches faintly at the remarkably hard kick, pecking at Drune’s flank in quick retaliation. He beats his wings hard, shooting up at an angle over the Wolf’s back.

>>> Skarlieth pecks Drune hard! Drune winces in pain!

Drune winces at this, turning hard and leaping up, his eyes aflame as he takes a snap at the Eagle’s chest.

>>> Drune bites Skarlieth! Skarlieth catches the blow on his armor! Skarlieth winces, the bite stinging him a bit.
Skarlieth moves fast enough that the bite aimed at his chest instead catches his leg, partially getting the guard band. He twists once more, taking a wider circle to attack from the side.

>>> Skarlieth pecks Drune hard! Drune catches the blow on his armor! Drune doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune turns to meet the attack head on. Using his hind legs to push him directly into Skarlieth’s beak in attempt to both take a snap at him and throw him off balance.

>>> Drune bites Skarlieth! Skarlieth catches the blow on his armor! Skarlieth winces, the bite stinging him a bit.

Petraverd continues to observe with a watchful eye, swishing his tail all the while.

Skarlieth uses the chance to peck again as sharply as he can, wings beating furiously to maintain his place. Granted, it gets him bitten.

>>> Skarlieth pecks Drune! Drune doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune winces at the second peck, landing hard and instantly lunging back up to continue his assault, jaws wide.

>>> Drune nips at Skarlieth! Skarlieth catches the blow on his armor! Skarlieth winces, the bite stinging him a bit.

Skarlieth flaps hard to gain height before the Wolf can bite again, slashing his talons down at Drune as he soars upward.

>>> Skarlieth scratches Drune with his claws. Drune doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune lets out a growl as he feels the sting of his talons once more, landing and bounding away to begin a wide circle of the eagle. After circling him a moment, he suddenly leaps foward and lunges up in an attempt to catch Skarlieth’s talon and pull him from the air.

>>> Drune awkwardly snaps at Skarlieth, his teeth chomping down on mostly air. Skarlieth winces, the bite stinging him a bit.

Petraverd tilts his head to whisper another word to Torgin, who gives a small, slow nod of agreement. The two turn back to watch the spar, and Petraverd scuffs at the grass with a forehoof.

Skarlieth is too high for the bite to work as planned, the teeth instead only grazing him. He turns and swoops toward the Tower, vanishing around it, before appearing on the other side in an almost-full-speed dive, pecking fiercely as his wings flare at the last moment.

>>> Skarlieth nips at Drune with his beak. Drune catches the blow on his armor! Drune doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune turns hard and watches him disappear and reappear seconds later. Bracing himself, he digs his claws into the ground and at the very last second lunges forward in an attempt to use his weight and teeth to knock him back.

>>> Drune nips at Skarlieth! Skarlieth winces, the bite stinging him a bit.

Skarlieth’s attack is rendered much less effective by the manuever, but he has enough speed to avoid the worst. He pecks at Drune as the momentum carries the Wolf past.

>>> Skarlieth nips at Drune with his beak. Drune catches the blow on his armor! Drune doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune turns hard once more, twisting around and lunging forward once more to catch the eagle before he becomes out of reach.

>>> Drune bites Skarlieth! Skarlieth winces, the bite stinging him a bit.

Skarlieth winces at the more successful bite. He makes a short dive to peck at Drune as the Wolf lands again, hovering the best he can directly over him.

>>> Skarlieth nips at Drune with his beak. Drune doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune’s expression flickers a moment as he feels the peck, leaping up again to continue his previous attack.

>>> Drune bites Skarlieth hard, his teeth sinking into Skarlieth’s feathers. Skarlieth winces in pain, the wound bleeding a little!

Skarlieth snaps his beak sharply as the bite connects. He doubles over to peck, losing dramatic height in the process.
>>> Skarlieth pecks Drune! Drune doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune grunts, pushing through this next attack and once more going for his talons, looking to latch on.

>>> Drune bites Skarlieth! Skarlieth winces in pain, the wound bleeding a little!

Petraverd continues to scrape the grass with a forehoof, until he says, “Time to see how you handle the unexpected,” and launches himself into the fray with head lowered!

>>> Petraverd lowers his head, charging toward Drune and spearing him with his horn, hitting his mark with tremendous force! Drune cries out as his fur is torn open! Blood flies everywhere!

Unfortunately for the Eagle, this time the attack is more effective. He is dragged down by the weight, though as Petraverd lunges in, his eyes widen and he bursts into motion, breaking free and shooting upward, pecking at whatever is
right in front of him. You feel quite unwell!

>>> Skarlieth nips at Petraverd with his beak. Petraverd doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune lets out a yelp, crashing onto his side, eyes wide. Scrambling up, he nearly doubles over, grimacing. His eyes exploding, he takes in the turn of the battle in a flash and a half a second later is lunging forward, mouth wide as he
aims for Petraverd’s side.

>>> Drune bites Petraverd! Petraverd catches the blow on his armor! Petraverd winces, the bite stinging him a bit.

Petraverd, having inserted himself in such a manner, seems to have expected the dual assault, positioning himself so that Drune’s strike meets his foreleg (or more accurately, his band) rather than his side, and he nips at the Eagle before Skarlieth can take /too/ much time in gathering his wits.

>>> Petraverd nips at Skarlieth! Skarlieth winces, the bite stinging him a bit.

Skarlieth has learned to be a fast reactor, a requirement for flight. He pecks down quickly, already flapping away so the bite, though sharp, is more glancing than truly bad.

>>> Skarlieth pecks Petraverd! Petraverd doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune uses Skarlieth’s distraction to his advantage, diving for the Unicorns forleg continuing in his attempts to latch on.

>>> Drune bites Petraverd hard, his teeth sinking into Petraverd’s fur. Petraverd winces in pain, the wound bleeding a little!

Petraverd lets out a sharp whinny, Drune’s teeth finding their mark while he attempts to get out of the way of Skarlieth’s attack. He swats at Drune with a forehoof, still keeping one eye on the skies.

>>> Petraverd smacks Drune with his forehoof! Drune doesn’t appear to be too hurt by the blow.

Skarlieth swoops up and then back toward the two with more momentum, beak aimed at Petraverd’s shoulder as he attempts to even the odds somewhat.

>>> Skarlieth pecks Petraverd! Petraverd catches the blow on his armor! Petraverd doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune grunts, letting out a snarl as he lunges at the leg that just smacked him

>>> Drune nips at Petraverd! Petraverd winces, the bite stinging him a bit.

Aliyah comes trotting toward you from the northwest.

Petraverd snorts, allowing himself to be harried by the Eagle as he returns his focus to the Wolf, sinking his teeth into Drune’s haunch.

>>> Petraverd nips at Drune! Drune catches the blow on his armor! Drune winces, the bite stinging him a bit.
You feel quite unwell!

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye comes walking toward you from the northwest.

Skarlieth continues his rather meager assult, completely fine with having a moment to recover from the previous attacks.

>>> Skarlieth pecks Petraverd! Petraverd doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

Drune shrugs him off, pushing through the pain of Petraverd’s teeth and leaping up to attack his side.

>>> Drune bites Petraverd hard, his teeth sinking into Petraverd’s fur. Petraverd winces, the bite stinging him a bit.

Petraverd rears, seeking to meet the Eagle on his own terms, nipping at Skarlieth as he swoops past, even as Drune makes for his side.

>>> Petraverd nips at Skarlieth! Skarlieth winces in pain, the wound bleeding a little!

<<<Fighting Continues>>>

Drune tumbles to the side as Skarlieth delivers the final peck and lands with a

Skarlieth follows immediately afterwards, all but crashing into the snow after the final bite from Petraverd.

Petraverd catches his breath as his two opponents tumble in their respective directions, while Torgin simply smirks faintly and gives a single nod. “Well,” says the Unicorn, “you reacted… to that… well.”

Drune gingerly stands, nearly collapsing at the pain in his side. Gritting his teeth, he sucks in a deep breath, closing his eyes and attempting to regain his composure. After a moment, he lets out another breath and opens his eyes, nodding to Petraverd. “Your attack was surprising… ” he snorts, wincing at even this. ” And quite successful. ”

Skarlieth clacks his beak a couple of times as he regains his balance. “In retrospect, however, I ought to have been suspecting something of that nature. You have spoken of the plot often enough…”

Petraverd glances to Drune. “Moreso than I was expecting… you all right?”

Drune grunts, eyes growing wide as he grins. “Once I walk it off… I imagine I shall be. ” he chuckles.

Skarlieth likewise looks to Drune, though he seems utterly unsurprised at the response. “You rallied impressively quickly despite the strength of the inital attack,” he notes with a smile.

Petraverd nods. “Yes, I must say you recovered yourself rather swiftly afterward. Which, frankly, was what I was hoping to see.”

Drune hehs. “Give into the pain and you shall soon be swallowed by darkness. ” He sombers a bit at this. ” Just something I learned a while ago… Regardless, it was a good spar. ” he finishes, expression easing back into a grin.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye slips out of the tower, a small pack slung over her shoulder under her cloak.

Aliyah pads into the clearing, her head and tail held a bit higher than usual. She seems a bit more alert, but not in the typical guarded way.

Skarlieth tips his head slightly at that comment, but nods. “At times, yes, that is the only option…” he nods towards both of those approaching and spreads his wings tiredly. “I fear I have watch duty soon and wish to take a moment to
hunt beforehand. If you will both excuse me…”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye nods to Skarlieth, “Lovisa’s up there waiting for you.”

Petraverd twitches an ear. “A good spar indeed, and rather productive as well. I had confirmation of a fair amount through it, which I am glad for.” He nods to the Eagle. “Of course. Safe patrols to you, Skarlieth.”

Drune’s brow raises questioningly, shifting on his paws and wincing slightly. “Confirmation?” he inquires, catching the movement of the two approaching Narnians.

Skarlieth nods to Adara as he takes off, ascending almost vertically to the battlements.

Aliyah nods to them in greeting but keeps silent as she listens.

Petraverd glances to Drune, smirking a bit as he flicks his tail. “I did say it was time to see how you handled the unexpected, didn’t I? Let us simply say I was not disappointed.” He nods toward the two approaching, saying simply,
“Evening, Adara, Aliyah.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye leans back against the tower, “Yes, good evening.”

Drune chuckles softly, seemingly to avoid upsetting the wound in his side. Then looking to the other two, he nods to them. “Good eve. ”

Aliyah takes a closer look at Drune. “Drune… every time I see you, you look a bit rough. What are we going to do with you?” She half-laughs, teasing him.

Petraverd glances to Jana, jerking his head toward the top of the tower briefly. “Everything seem quiet from up there?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye pulls her hood up over her head, which hides her expression. “Your spar was the most exciting thing I saw.”

Drune looks to Aliyah a bit more fully at this, grinning toothily as he seems to mull this over. “I think you should just throw me into another spar. ” he chuckles, flinching as he shifts on his paws once more.

Petraverd chuckles a bit at Jana’s reply. “Well, I suppose that’s a good thing.”

Aliyah smirks. “I would, but there’s that… little no sparring rule I’m under.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye rubs her nose as she watches the two wolves.

Petraverd shakes out his mane, taking the opportunity to glance himself over and assessing his own wounds from the spar.

Aliyah nods. “Virika and I should… argue.” She snorts at the word. “Though it was more than that last night often. It seems to have helped us both…” She pauses and takes in a breath. “I told her everything tonight.” She looks a bit
sad at reliving it all again.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye pulls her hood even deeper, enough that it would probably impair her vision, and certainly hide the rest of her features.

Drune inclines his head at this, his smile warming a bit. “It does me good to hear it. I know how hard that can be… ”

Petraverd hehs quietly at Drune’s comment and nods slightly, before turning to polish his horn against a flank – then making a face and doing so against the /other/ flank.

Aliyah slowly nods. “To deal with it… That will be another story entirely.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye coughs.

Drune hehs, nodding at this. “Time… and a good deal of patience. You have a good hunter. Build your trust and confidence with her and that too will make all the difference… That much, I can assure you. ” he offers, countenance light.

Petraverd’s glance shifts to Jana at the cough, tilting his head slightly in an almost questioning sort of fashion.

Aliyah hmms. “That is what she said. Trust is… a rare thing with me… especially with other wolves.” She digs her claws into the ground.

Drune snorts wryly. “I think trust issues run fairly rampent with us wolves… ”

Petraverd can’t quite keep a snort of his own from escaping him at Drune’s remark.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye sighs, pushing off from the wall. “Well, about time I headed home, then.”

Aliyah glances briefly to Petra and then looks back to Drune. “So it would seem. Thus far, the only one who seems to lack those issues is Pheeobe… Or what little I’ve seen of her anyway. She reminds me of someone.”

Drune brow raises slightly. “Does she?” he inquires before looking to Adara, brow furrowing. “So soon…?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Seeing as you all have trust issues, I reckon it seems polite to quit eavesdropping.”

Petraverd merely twitches his ears, glance shifting to the Wolves again.

Aliyah nods. “Of my youngest sister.” She smiles at some fond memories, trying to push away the brutal ones. She barely has time as her ears twitch when Jana speaks. She looks down and snorts.

Drune eyes Adara moment before responding. “Well, I might agree… if you were truly evesdropping. ” he hehs. “But, being that we speak freely… I don’t suppose you are. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye waves a hand as if this somehow displays a point.

Petraverd flicks an ear, remarking, “There’s something ironic in speaking so freely of trust issues.”

Aliyah says, “We can speak of trust issues. It does not mean we trust those to whom we speak.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye glances at Petraverd, but her hood still hides whatever her expression may say.

Drune’s brow furrows a bit at Adara’s wave. At Petraverd’s words though, he lets out a soft chuckle and looks back to Aliyah, brow now raising a hair. “I suppose so. ”

Petraverd only shakes out his mane again, and if there is anything else running through his head (which, considering the stallion, is rather likely) he gives no voice to it.

Aliyah looks hard at Drune. “Perhaps not with you or some others..” Yawning, she turns to head towards the shelter tree. “Petraverd, Drune… Goodnight I best be off. Long day tomorrow.” To Jana, she simply nods.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye yawns behind her hand.

Drune nods slowly at her words. “Goodnight Aliyah, Aslan be with you. ” he says after a moment.

Petraverd simply nods slightly. “Good eve.”

Aliyah trots northwestward, disappearing through the trees.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye glances at the others. “Well? I missed the end. Who won?”

Drune watches Aliyah pad off, brow raised slightly. Shaking his head after a moment, he moves gingerly towards the other two. “Well… ” he hehs. “Petraverd did. ”

Petraverd says, “Barely. And I had a head start, too.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye pushes her hood back. “Yeah it looked close.”

Drune nods. “It was… Even after our commander decided to dive in, the spar lasted longer than I thought it would. ”

Petraverd chuckles. “Like I said. You both recovered well after the… well, initial shock. You in particular, you took the brunt of it, after all.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye gestures after the recently departed wolf, changing tack without really acknowledging it, “She’s flirting with you.”

Drune snorts wryly at Petraved’s words. “Oh, believe me… I know. ” he smirks. Though the smirks quickly vanishes as Adara’s words replace it with a tidal wave of confusion. “I uh… what?” he asks, shaking his head.

Petraverd glances to Jana, briefly surprised himself, though to a rather lesser degree than Drune. “Hm. Well, now that you mention it…”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye lifts a shoulder, “Weren’t sure if you recognized it, but it’s pretty obvious.”

Drune’s brow furrows, his muzzle twitching as he tries to find words. “It… wha- ” he stops himself, shaking his head once more and sucking in a breath, shooting a glance at Petraverd. “/What/ are you talking about?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye looks a little surprised, but mostly amused. “It’s nothing to get bothered over.”

Petraverd shakes out his mane, glancing skyward. “True enough. But speaking of such things, I’ve got a mate that’s expecting me. I’d better head back to the Cail.” He glances to Jana, adding, “And also speaking of such things – I’d
appreciate a word with your husband at some point, if you’d let him know.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye nods once, looking more serious this time. “I’ll tell him.”

Drune doesn’t seem to know what to make of this, glancing down and murmuring something to himself.

Drune mumbles “Just bothers me that I didn’t notice…”, to Drune.

Drune mumbles “… … … that … didn’t notice…”, to Drune.

Petraverd nods. “Thank you.” He gives another, more general nod to the both of them, saying, “A good eve to you both.”

Drune looks up at this. “Good Eve, Commander… Aslan be with you. ” he nods in return, still looking a bit fazed by the last exchange.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye lifts a hand to him in farewell.

Petraverd trots northwestward, disappearing through the trees.

Drune watches Petraverd disappear into the woods, shooting a glance at Adara after a moment.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye smirks at the wolf.

Drune’s brow furrows. “What are you smirking at? ” He retorts, though his tone remains light.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “She’s terrible. I mean, really,” her face shows her pained disdain, “really bad.”

Drune’s brow raises high. “Really… bad? What do you mean?” he asks, looking further confused.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Well, first of all, plain dumb. But also just bad at flirting.”

Drune examines Adara, brow hold its place. “I wouldn’t know… ” he snorts, smirking a bit as he continues. “And, forgive me for asking it, but what do /you/ know about flirting. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye’s features break into an arrogant smirk, “Have you met Myrd?”

Drune snorts. “Of course… Wouldn’t soon forget it either. ” he grins softly. “What of it?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye asks, “What do you think it takes to get a fellow like that to turn his head?”

Drune shakes his head, looking completely unsure of himself at the moment. “I can honestly say I don’t know. ” he replies, though he doesn’t seemed too convinced of this response.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “He had the competition of,” she pauses, then nods to herself as if confirming that her count is justified, “three other men for a while there. Not that it was a real competition. You can
control people that way, you know.”

Drune’s head tilts as he listens. “Control people through flirting?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Well, through anything with how they see you, really.”

Drune hehs wryly, frowning slightly. “Yea, well… I am still picking up the pieces of how someone looks at me. ” he sighs. “Hopefully… I picked up the last of those pieces. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye hmms?, her train of thought somewhat derailed.

Drune shrugs, wincing slightly as he forgets the wound to his side. “Just one of a number of Narnians I’ve scorned over the course of my younger years. ” he pauses, nodding after a moment. “I guess I do see what you mean by controlling
people through how they see you… Except when you have no control over it. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye considers him a moment, “You do seem to draw them.”

You ask, “Draw them?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Lady wolves.”

Drune hehs. “That is until I shove them away. ” he frowns.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye’s eyes narrow a bit, and she leans back against the tower again. “Yes, why is that?”

Drune shrugs, looking down a bit. “I don’t know… fear, maybe. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye mms, the sound one of dissatisfaction.

Drune looks back up to Adara, sighing a bit. “Something to say?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “I suppose I’d hoped you
simply… weren’t interested.”

Drune’s brow furrows once more. “What do you mean? Not interested in them?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye waves, “Oh, yes, or, in general really. It’s so rare to find that. Much more interesting.”

Drune hehs, glancing off into the woods. “I have only really ever truely been interested in one… ” he sighs. “But, beyond that. The thought of having a family does appeal to me. ” he muses. “I don’t know. As things stand right now… I just don’t see that happening. Which isn’t all bad, I suppose… I will just continue to train and serve. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “You cannot be good at something unless it’s your only thing.”

Drune snorts, expression flickering. “I suppose I will just train to become one of the strongest warriors in Narnia then. ”
A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye nods once.

Drune looks down after a moment, letting the silence settle in.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says after a moment, “Caileana would accept nothing other than being your life.” Another moment before she continues, “and many would say she would have the right of it.”

Drune looks up at this, not looking entirely suprised, expression turning thoughtful. “And what would you say Adara? ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye frowns at him, “I would say that what is your life is your judgement, whether most people agree, or none do.”

Drune stares at her a moment, inclining his head a bit. “What is your life Adara?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye asks, “What do you think my life is?”

Drune looks a bit disappointed at this. “I regret to say that I am not entirely sure. For being my partner, I have done a miserable job of getting to know that and you… ” Now grinning slightly, he continues. “You are still quite the mystery to me Adara. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye smirks, “I reckon mystery’s as good an answer as any.”

Drune chuckles softly. “If you wish that, then yes… I suppose. Though, being your partner and all… I wouldn’t mind getting to know /Adara/ ” he says pointedly, smiling softly.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye’s expression becomes more serious, “I didn’t choose to be a wife or a mother, though I am those things. I did choose to be a thief. I did choose to be a member of the guard. My husband and my son and my commander agree that if I am to be good at one thing, it is the mothering wife, or the wifely mother. What do you think?”

Drune listens with some interest as he explains. At her question though, his brow furrows as he frowns thoughtfully. “I… I don’t know… the wifely mother?” he responds, looking extremely uncertain.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye sighs, “Yes, even Lady Raistlana thought that, I think.”

Drune nods slowly. “Though, I don’t find it to be so much about what you are, or who you are… but /why/ you are what or who you are. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “You can’t change the why.”

You say, “Maybe not… but the why is who you are. ” he chuckles. “Not some title. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye waves this away. “I’m not talking about titles.”

Drune shrugs slightly, snorting. ‘I suppose not… It would seem the night is finally starting to grip my mind… About time. ” he chuckles softly, letting out a wolfish yawn. “Regardless of all we have said. I /do/ hope I can be of some help to you Adara and look forward to training with you as time progresses.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “So long as there’s not too much of that Aliyah hanging around.”

Drune hehs, nodding slightly. “Now that you have mentioned it… ” he nods, frowning slightly. “I am starting to see what you mean. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Glad to hear you’ve absorbed

Drune chuckles. “Indeed I have. ” he yawns once more, glancing up to the sky. “Well, I am sorry to say that I have to be off to get some rest. I have patrols in a couple hours. ”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye pushes off from the tower, “Good night, Drune.”

Drune dips his head to Adara. “Aslan be with you. ” he returns, before padding into the tower.

Treading on Dangerous Ground

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At the Lamp-Post
You stand in the very heart of Lantern Waste, at the base of the lamp-post that gave this area its name. The clearing here is
not particularly large, but there is a strange, almost eerie quality about it. The air is calm — quiet even — as if there is
some reverence surrounding the lamp that even the environs respect.

The lamp is lit, casting a warm glow across the glade. Who lit it and how it remains lit is a mystery, but it shows no signs of
faltering. To the south, you can hear the distant sounds of flowing water. A faint path leads through the trees to the east and
You can go: East <E>, To the River <S>, West <W>
Contents: A wolf with a faded scar down the length of her side (Caileana); A
wolf with a slight limp; A wolf with half of a left ear (Virika); A wolf with
untrusting and piercing eyes (Aliyah); and A Lamp-Post {lit}.

A wolf with a slight limp says, “Oh, nothing is really wrong…just thinking.” ”

Virika gives a soft ‘ah’ and nods. She frowns a little. “Does the Watch think the caves are a problem?”

Caileana frowns, thinking. “There was some mention of something going missing from the ruins, and Petraverd is concerned that the
caves might afford a way for evils to sneak past our borders from the Moors without our knowing. That seems to be the main

Aliyah lets an ear flicker, half-listening to the other conversation. “Pheeobe,” she says, “Is everything okay? I mean…” She
looks hard at the other wolf. “I know what thinking means.” She frowns. “Tends to not be a pretty thing when it cannot be spoken

Drune slowly pads towards the gathered wolves, nose to the ground.

Virika’d ear twitches.She frowns. “Something went /missing/ from the Ruins?” Caileana says, “It was only mentioned in passing
when we reported to Petraverd, and I neglected to ask after it, so I’m not really sure. That was the impression I got, though.”

Aliyah woofs in greeting as she spots Drune approaching.

A wolf with a slight limp looks distantly, kind of hinting that something deep is being thought of. However, she gives a basic
avoidance answer. “No really, I am just thinking about how strange snow is. How it can envoke past emotion.” Then she turns her
head to the other conversation.

Virika frowns thoughtfully, “I’ll have to ask him about it.”

Drune slows as he both hears the conversation and Aliyah’s greeting. Eyes sweeping the group, he hesitates a moment before making
his way nearer. “Good day. ” He greets, nodding to each in turn.

Caileana nods her head and says, “I should have asked him myself, when I say him last. I haven’t been keeping up too closely with
all of the news from the efforts in the Ruins. She flicks her ears at Aliyah’s woof, and turns to see
Drune. She bows her head politely and studies him for a moment behind a blank expression.

Aliyah nods to Pheeobe, giving her a look that shows she understands but will not pry. “Funny the things that can evoke thoughts
and feelings from our past…” She speaks softly. To Drune, “Doing well?”

A wolf with a slight limp nods politely at Drune.

Virika nods to Drune, “Good to see you Drune.”

Drune’s expression flickers slightly at Aliyah’s question, but after a moment he nods. “I am well… ” he affirms, his attention
then bouncing around the group.”And yourselves? ”

Aliyah notices the brief change and eyes Drune Closely. “Doing… okay…”

A wolf with a slight limp giggle at the exchange going on between Caileana, Drune, and Aliyah…

Caileana offers a faint smile and an, “I’m well.” The smile disappears and an ear twitches at the giggle.

Caileana pages, “Ha, did not mean to say interested twice there…hehe” to you.

Aliyah shoots a quick glance in Caileana’s direction and then looks to Virika, letting that the thought drop while another comes
to mind. “Virika, you said that perhaps Pheeobe and I could train together. What would that entail? Also, would it depend on her

Drune’s ear flicks at the giggle, head tilting curiously in Pheeobe’s direction. After eyeing her a moment though, he nods to
Caileana. “Glad to hear it. ” he returns simply, expression remaining rather neutral.

Virika looks to Aliyah, “Oh, well, target train together and encourage one another–watch each other and point out observations
in training. Track things together. Hunt small game like squirrel, rabbits, and mice. Things like that. Both of you are not quite
ready to begin sparring yet.”

Virika adds thoughtfully, “I can’t seem to remember whose her Hunter… Pheeobe, have the Alphas officially assigned you a

A wolf with a slight limp says, “I still haven’t been given a trainer in any official capacity.”

Aliyah looks down, frowning. “Um well… A spar may have happened last night with me, some foxes and a mouse, who by the way,
cheeped his way to victory! Or should I say… stabbed…”

Caileana glances between her packmates thoughtfully. “How has the training been going so far for you two?” she asks Virika and
Aliyah, perhaps aiming the question more at Virika.

Virika looks to Aliyah surprised, frowning a little. “You sparred with someone?”

Drune’s attention turns to the conversation at hand, brow raising slightly at Aliyah’s confession and gaze flickering to Virika.

Pheeobe looks nervously at Virika waiting for her reaction.

Caileana frowns sharply and drops her question at this revelation. She looks between Aliyah and Virika.

Aliyah tenses. “I did. You never told me I could not… Just said I could not hunt. It was sort of sudden and more of a group
thing. I am perfectly fine.”

Virika grunts and nods, “That was an oversight on my part. I will ask you to refrain from sparring in the future until I can
negociate it with the Alphas. Generally a tenderfoot does not spar until given permission, and then exclusively with their
trainer.–Although exceptions have been made at times to spar with other Tenderfoot.”

Drune nods almost imperceptibly at Virika’s response, letting his gaze wander the surrounding woods as he continues to listen

Pheeobe takes Virika’s warning to heart and relaxes again. Giving a small and comforting smile to Aliyah she then starts humming.

Caileana inclines her head, the set to her shoulders relaxing.

Aliyah mutters something under her breath, her expression darkening. She sees Pheeobe out of the corner of her eye but is annoyed
right now and cannot return the smile in kind.

Drune’s ear twitches at the mumble, looking to Aliyah and catching the change in her expression. Examining her a moment, his eyes
narrow thoughtfully as he shoots another glance at Virika.

Virika’s expression softens and she says kindly, “Please Aliyah.”

Caileana eyes Virika from the corner of her eye a bit curiously.

Pheeobe stops humming to stare at Aliyah…hoping she did not offend her.

Aliyah has a million thoughts going through her mind which she dares not speak… Not in front of this many at least. Turning her
back on Virika, fur bristled, she walks to the tree line and stares at something unseen.

Virika stands and goes to Aliyah, lowering her voice. Her tone is kind and perhaps uncharacteristically gentle.

Virika mumbles “… … … is very … … … spar when you … you … … I … … to the Alphas, but … … … on … If
… wish to speak … this later, … will better … why … do … … … … … …”, to Aliyah.

Caileana’s frown returns as Aliyah turns her back on her Hunter, and it darkens further. She watches the exchange between Virika
and Aliyah for a moment before glancing around at Pheeobe and Drune.

Aliyah mumbles “You … speak … it … … you wish, … what I am … … … change. … … friends, obviously not of the
… … and … … beginning … … why. … … … … in ways. It is disheartening.”, to Virika. Aliyah speaks

Drune watches Aliyah make her way away from the group, his expression, for the most part blank. As Virika moves to speak to
Aliyah, he purposely turns his attention away from the two and then back to Caileana and Pheeobe, head tilting a hair as he
catches Caileana’s glance.

Virika frowns a little. She keeps her voice low.

Caileana’s ears twitch at the quiet conversation. She shrugs at Drune, little emotion obvious in her eyes. After a pause, she
asks him, “Do you know when we will be going back into the caves to explore the northern path?”

Virika mumbles “… is … … … the … knowing it … … … … be … Every one … rules, even … … friends. … …
… you … not … as you … and you may … … waiting, … … … asking you nicely … refrain.”, to Aliyah.

Aliyah mumbles “… … … … not live … … … … … their rules … different. Maybe … … … at … they can … …
as they … … least that … how I am seeing it. … it … … good to … … … … … … to live … … guise … a
dictator.”, to Virika.

Drune shakes his head, expression remaining neutral. “I can’t say that I do. It sounds as if our next venture will require more
to be present… and rightly so.

Virika’s expression darkens and she audibly growls, “What do /you/ know of living under a dictator? You are young and
impertinent! You think you are the only one to have suffered! Well let me tell /you/ something Tenderfoot. /I/ have seen many
Alphas. I have /seen/ wickedness and evil in many forms! And Nevarre is many things, but he is NOT a dictator. If you wish to
leave then go. But you will find the grass is not always as greener on the other side as you think. You are a wolf. And all
packs, even with their differences, have a heirachy and structure. If you wish to live outside that then /go/.”

Caileana keeps one ear tilted to the other conversation, and her frown reappears at this latest comment from Aliyah. She opens
her mouth to answer Drune when Virika speaks again. She turns back to Virika and Aliyah and takes a step nearer
the Hunter without thinking. There is a scowl on her face and an implied support in her stance to Virika’s words.

Virika says angrily, “Rules are made for a /reason/. If we all lived as we wished, the world would be a chaotic place. Rules are
order and often times a Tenderfoot is not as ready as he or she thinks for something. You may not like it, but that’s the way
things are.”

Drune’s attention is ripped from Caileana to Virika and Aliyah, gaze darting between the two. As Virika speaks, his attention
focuses specifically on Aliyah, watching her closely.

Pheeobe moves closer to Caileana and looks away from Aliyah…sort of

Aliyah glares at the approaching she-wolf and snarls, warning Caileana to back off. She steps closer to Virika, making herself
look rather large compared to the usual. “Have I not lived under a dictator? How would you know? You know
nothing about my life! About my past! When you see wolves punished for minor infractions and rub it off as if it is normal…
Thinking that because you are a pup this, for some reason, is how it should be. So you get used to it, learn to
live with it, and even respect it. Things happen! Things that were not imagined… Things never believed, and then you realize
something. Oh crap. This is not normal, so you run as fast and as far as you can just wanting to get away because your supposedly
happy… structured life has turned upside-down in a split second with claws and fangs. They died! Died because of a dictator who
fooled most of us! No, he was not my father, but he might as well have been.” She does not breathe as she speaks but then
collapses upon finishing, suddenly in tears.

Virika takes a step forward, staring Aliyah down. Her voice is even but angry, “How could I possibly know what you’ve been
through when /you won’t tell me/? I have been patient, I have tried to understand and give you time–give you space–give you a
reason to /trust/ me.–I /put my reputation on the line for you/. And yet, you continually shut me out. It is not MY fault I know
nothing of you. It is NOT because /I/ haven’t tried. YOU WON’T LET ME.” She growls darkly, “You see this ear? My father–my own
flesh and /blood/ did this to me. Lion knows what he did to my mother–one night they left and only /he/ returned.–I just hope
it was fast. I know of treachery and betrayal. I know of fear and pain and /guilt/.”

Aliyah exclaims, “Every time I think of telling you, someone else shows up! I lose my nerve.”

Caileana does not back away or look cowed at Aliyah’s snarl when she unconsciously steps forward. If anything, she looks more
affronted. Her hackles raise warningly and she latches her golden eyes warningly on Aliyah, stance shifting to a ready one. She
holds very still as she focuses on this exchange.

Pheeobe is looking away…really hoping for no conflict.

Virika stops herself and takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She looks away, breathing in and out slowly. She
finally speaks in a low, calm, sincere voice, “I am sorry for what you’ve been through Aliyah.” She catches Caileana’s movement
and shakes her head, gesturing back with a paw. She looks down at Aliyah, “I want to help you Aliyah.–Please let me.”

Drune’s jaw clenches as Aliyah both snarls at Caileana and confronts Virika. A flash of what could almost be taken for sympathy
crosses his eyes as the exchange continues, his posture and expression otherwise remaining unchanged.

Aliyah clenches her jaw, shaking. Whether out of rage or brokenness, it is hard to tell. “How… can… you help me…?”

Caileana takes a single step back to return to her former place at Virika’s gesture. She does not relax and any sympathy she may
feel is caefully hidden.

Pheeobe trys to relax. However, she is still a little worried

Virika says calmly, “I understand anger. I understand the desire for revenge.–I know what it’s like to be impatient. I can help
you become stronger. I can help you learn to control your feelings so that you do not let the rage overwhelm you.–I can teach
you to use your anger to hone your fighting skills and direct your purpose instead of letting it drive you into a frenzy.–I can
help you find a new family, not to replace what you lost–you can never replace someone you love, but you can move on.” She
pauses, “I think your sisters would want you to be happy.”

Virika pauses, then says gently, “I can help you find peace.”

Aliyah says one simple word, still not completely calm. “How? ”

Caileana lets out a quiet breath, her gaze shifting to Virika. Her golden eyes widen and she sinks to her haunches, some
defensiveness slipping from her.

Pheeobe sits down trying to totally relax so as to maybe…maybe….diffuse some tension.

Drune watches for Aliyah carefully as they continue, his blank expression starting to ease away as it is replaced by an odd
mixture of recognition and hope.

Virika says in a soft tone, “By helping you work through your anger so you channel it into positive ebergy instead of a negative,
destructive one. I can listen when you need to talk–I now that sometimes all you /need/ is just to talk and get it out. Keeping
it inside hurts–and it festers. It’s like a wound that gets infected. I can help you see you’re a better wolf than the one
you’re running from.–And that you don’t have to run anymore! I know all these things because I’ve been there, and I got through
it because I had a Hunter who cared about me and wanted to see me become who I am now–to become what I had the potential to be.”

Aliyah says, “Do you know how hard it is to talk about it when it’s in my head, but the words just don’t want to come out? It’s
like something interrupts it every single time, and then my thoughts are so jumbled that I can’t even make
much of them.”

Virika listens quietly, then gives a small nod. She says gently, “It’s hard to talk about something very personal–and even
harder to put everything you feel into words and understand them.”

Caileana’s head lowers and, judging from the shuttered look in her eyes, her thoughts turn inwards.

Pheeobe looks sympathetically at Aliyah.

Aliyah shudders. “I have nightmares. The same scene playing over and over, and I don’t know if they will ever stop.” She turns
her back to the others, hating being stared it.

Virika’s expressions softens and her tone becomes compassionate, “They will.–In time. Once you begin to heal and move on.” She
pauses, then asks something quietly.

Virika mumbles “… it help if … … with you under the Shelter …”, to Aliyah.

Drune glances down at the mention of ‘nightmares’, expression flickering.

Aliyah shakes her head. “I don’t know.”

Virika asks, trying to keep her voice down.

Caileana shakes her head and refocuses on the exchange between Virika and Aliyah. After a moment, she gets to her paws, bows her
head unobtrusively towards the pair, and pads west.

Virika mumbles “Would … like … … stay and … … it does?”, to Aliyah.

Caileana trots west.
Pheeobe follows Caileana
Drune looks back up, glancing from the hunter and tenderfoot to the direction the others left. Sucking in a short breath, he gets
to his feet and dips his head slightly in their direction before moving to follow the others.

Aliyah rises to her paws with two of the wolves gone. “you could try… But I would hate for you to be away from the den…”

You head west.

Lantern Waste
You stand among the trees of Lantern Waste, the forested region that stands where Narnia supposedly first began. As if to
testify to the truth of this, there is life abundant everywhere you see. The trees seem to murmur to each other in the breeze,
fruit grows abundant, and forest creatures seem to be everywhere!

A large oak tree grows here, towering to dizzying heights above you. Its lowest branches, though small, actually appear to be
easy enough to climb. The path branches northward here toward a pretty little stand of trees just beyond it. Another faint path
leads east, past the oak and deeper into the Waste.
You can go: North <N>, East <E>, West <W>
Contents: A wolf with a faded scar down the length of her side (Caileana); A
wolf with a slight limp (Pheeobe); and A deer.

Caileana’s ear twitches, and she turns to study the other she-wolf. “You all right, Tenderfoot?”

Pheeobe says, “I am fine. I just know where my allegiance lies now.”

Pheeobe says, “I makes me sort of sad about having to do that. ”

Drune slowly makes his way towards the other two wolves, expression distant as ever.

Caileana hehs and glances away. She takes note of Drune and nods to him. “The pack is what it is for a reason,” she answers.
“None of our rules are arbitrary or mean-spirited.” She stops. “We have all seen pain. To pretend that you are
alone in that is to isolate oneself from possible healing.”

Drune shakes his head, clearing the building fog from his eyes and nodding to Caileana and Pheeobe in turn. As he nears, he comes
to rest opposite of Caileana and nods at her words. “Indeed. ” he says simply

Caileana sighs a little.

Drune eyes Caileana a moment, looking a bit thoughtful but remains quiet for the

Caileana closes her eyes and looks thoughtful. When she opens them, she says (and it is not quite clear to whom), “Virika has
offered a way of learning to channel her passion into something stronger, and she has offered no little compassion beside. There
is little more to be said until Aliyah chooses her own path.”

Drune nods slightly, looking down. “An important choice… ” he remarks,
thoughtfulness still surrounding his expression.

Caileana hums a bit, and nods.

Drune takes a deep breath, letting his gaze drift skyward. “Only time will tell… We all must choose our own path. ” he hehs

Caileana’s gaze centers on Drune, and a frown appears in her eyes. She glances at Pheeobe and shifts on her haunches. Eventually,
she says quietly. “True.”

Drune sighs softly, seemingly not taking notice of Caileana’s gaze. “It is just so hard to watch sometimes. ” he says, letting
his gaze fall back to Caileana, expression still rather thoughtful. After a moment, he glances down. “Forgive me, I am letting my
mind carry me away. ” he hehs.

Caileana’s eyes get faraway for a moment. She blinks, and the expression disappears. With a snort, she says, “It certainly isn’t
just you, this night.”

Drune hehs, letting his gaze wander the woods. After a moment of silence, he snorts, shaking his head and letting out another
sigh. “I just don’t know. ”

Caileana looks around as well as silence falls, and appears to be getting ready to get to her paws. When Drune speaks, she
pauses. Her expression becomes perfectly blank, but she asks, “What don’t you know?”

Drune chuckles wryly. “Anything… at all. I am nearly becoming convinced of this, in fact. This life holds too many twists and
turns for me to have even the smallest hint of what will happen next. Beyond even that, there are /so/ many
hurt and crying out for help inside… ” he pauses, an odd light flashing across his expression. ” … and not enough beings to
help them and /even/ yet, there is still so much joy that can be found. Amidst the chaos there is a melody
sweet… ” he swallows, frowning a bit and looking to Caileana but more fully. “But, once more, my apologies… I have let my
tongue get the better of myself. ”

Caileana gives a short, wry chuckle. “You never were able to keep your tongue in your mouth.” She looks a little startled and
frowns. “Sorry…I shouldn’t have said that.” She looks away, one side of her muzzle wrinkling. She gets to her paws. “I should
go,” she says, her voice deep.

Drune almost seems amused by her reponse. “No, it was well within your bounds to say as such. I have scorned one too many a
Narnian in my day, you not being the least of them… It is a fact that pains me greatly. ” he nods once more as she
gets to her paws. “Of course… ” he looks as if he is about to say something, mouth opening a time or two before words actually
come out. “Thank you. ”

Caileana gives off the distinct impression that Drune’s words are going in one ear and out the other as she shakes out her fur
and gives a small nod to he packmate. She stops though, when Drune thanks her, and asks in confusion, “For what?” before she can
quite stop herself.

Drune hehs. “For a lot, really… Having my back in the caverns, not completely cutting me off when I have deserved it on many
occasion… ” His jaw clenches, eyes closing a moment as he sucks in a short breath, opening them after a beat.
“… and for proving me wrong. ”

Caileana grunts. She takes a few steps west, towards the den (perhaps unconsciously) and says gruffly, “Well. You are in my home
region now, and providing valuable services to the Waste. I can’t very well completely ignore you; it wouldn’t be polite or fair
to the Guard.” She takes a few steps more, as if expecting him to be finished, and then her ears flatten against her skull at his
last comment. She squeaks, “About what?” turning back to him. She mutters something in a lower tone, under her breath.

Caileana mumbles “… the … … Winterden, say … you mean … … … … done … it.”, to Caileana.

Drune’s expression turns a bit uncertain at this, shifting on his paws. “At the risk of creating yet another rift, getting a
number of stern lectures on the merits of keeping one’s mouth shut, opening old wounds wounds and making an utter fool of myself.
” he begins, looking down and letting silence hang a moment before continuing an air of resolve surrounding his expression and
next words. “You are a good wolf Caileana, don’t let any tell you otherwise. You have proved me wrong on a number of things in
our time of knowing each other, but you have proved me wrong in one area specifically that… has left me shamed. You are one of
the most loyal, if not /the/ most loyal wolves I have ever had the privilage of knowing. Your loyality is as a soldier, loyal
until the day you die… ” he swallows, jaw clenching as he knows he is treading on dangerous ground. “I just thought you should
hear that. ” he looks down, slowly getting to his paws and looking quite unnerved.

Caileana stiffens as Drune begins, but doesn’t quite have time to escape before he jumps in with resolve. She frowns, and frowns
deeper as he continues, then tries to make her expression blank as is her norm these days. That expression cracks at the last
second and a sea of emotions appears behind her golden eyes, too tangled to even make sense of one single emotion that rises
above the rest. She takes a shuddery breath and her mask falls again, this time with a tenous defensiveness that was not there
before. “I…have to go,” she says with a note of desperation. She turns to flee.

Drune’s eyes flash, expression cracking as she turns to leave, the light fading from his eyes. “Continue to serve… and do not
let anything distract you. ” he finishes as she turns quickly, seemingly to himself, but definitely loud enough for her to hear.

Caileana stumbles as she begins to disappear into the tree line, and a quiet snarl rips from her throat, but it isn’t clear if
the growl is aimed at her stumbling or at Drune. She continues at a steady lope taway from him.

Drune cringes as he hears the snarl, his gaze riveted to the direction she left.

Agree to disagree?

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At the Mouth of the Great River
You stand at on the northern shore of the mouth of the Great River. Below the bank, it spills over a slight incline into the Great Eastern Ocean, which stretches out to the eastern horizon beyond the beach. A well-worn path begins here, heading upstream along the riverbank, and disappearing into the trees that dot the shore to the west.

In the center of the river, you can see a large, upright post with an eagle sitting atop it. He is Wavesighter, and he generally spends his days watching the surface for signs of fish to eat. Occasionally, he’ll pick up a river-rider too, if he thinks they’re about to be swept out to sea.

From here you have a clear view of Cair Paravel, its magnificent spires rising strikingly against the sunlit sky to the north of you. At its base, Sted Cair sits nestled in the grassy, rolling hills. There is a winding yellow roadleading into it.
You can go: Enter the River , Road to Sted Cair , Path to the Beach
, Upstream
Contents: An unicorn stallion with a marred flank (Petraverd)

Petraverd flicks an ear again. “We may be acting as a defensive force, but nor does that mean we should be treating everything unfamiliar as a potential threat, either.”

Drune looks back up towards Petraverd, a flash of a frown crossing his muzzle.”With all due respect… commander, this is my pack. I do not assume the worst of this wolf, but I am uncomfortable leaving it left to chance. ”

Petraverd glances to Drune. “As I have said, I am hardly unfamiliar with your kind’s tendency toward distrust – and, in truth, I find it a good way to temper my own’s tendency the other way. Yet what has he demonstrably /done/, besides walk toward Stormness, that implies there is something /to/ be left to chance?”

Drune shakes his head slightly. “No… but he is close enough. ”

Petraverd’s tone is perhaps a hair sharp as he says, “I am not unfamiliar with what rogues are capable of, Drune. I have, as a matter of fact, felt the effects rather personally, before. Yet some of my closest friends were also rogues once, before they found a pack to settle in with. Are you telling me – you, who have often expounded to me on your hopes of seeing a Narnia where pack or species does not matter, where we are all bound by simply being free Narnians – that you are not willing to extend that to a wolf you have not yet had opportunity to meet, simply because he has happened to wander into a territory you call home?”

Drune watches Petraverd, his jaw clenching. “Yes… yes, I know. ” he grumbles. “As I already said though… I think no ill of him because I know nothing of him. Though, far be it from me to leave my home without seeing whom this wolf is. ”

Petraverd asks, “And /why?/ To ascertain for yourself what threat he may or may not pose to Winterden – do you not trust the /rest/ of your pack to be able to determine that for themselves as well? To warn him he is trespassing on Winterden’s lands – are they truly /yours/ to own in the first place? To settle your own mind in the matter – should it truly be riled in the first place?”

Drune closes his eyes, sucking in a breath. “I have told you twice and will say it again, commander. “He begins, swallowing. “I think no /ill/ of this wolf… I have /no/ reason to. I simply chose not to trust that of which I do not entirely know. ” he continues, voice firm. “I will not treat this wolf unlike any other beast I newly meet… You are going to need to understand though, these wolves I have been charged to protect are those that are closest to me. Winterden has seen enough horrors in its short exsistance and I don’t intend to let it happen again.”

Petraverd’s tone goes frigid, piercing the air like an icicle as he says, “What Beast can you honestly say you know /entirely/, Drune? Can you even say that of yourself? Were we not speaking last night of the perhaps /impossibility/ of such knowledge in regard to the Lion?” He snorts. “And don’t you /dare/ fling Winterden’s troubles in my face. I may not be /of/ your pack, but I’ve been caught between both packs since before there even /was/ a Winterden, and I have felt /every/ sting you’ve inflicted upon each other – yet /remarkably/ few of you seem to even care as to the effects it holds for those /outside/. Have you grown so hardened to what Winterden has faced you will see anything unfamiliar as a potential further horror? Have you forgotten what we in the Waste have felt, to think I have not been inclined to act the same? And more to the point –
am I going to have to mindful of you chasing potential shadows at every which way? Because if that is the case, I want to know /now/.”

Drune’s eyes narrow. “Petraverd. ” he begins, his voice low. “There are few in this Land I have more respect for than you but you are going to have to understand me fully. ” he continues, voice growing in power. “I have no intention of treating this wolf unlike any other! I simply want to see whom he is… ” his expression takes a dark turn at this point. “I have the utmost respect for all the waste has gone through and you yourself have experienced. Though, I would be a /FOOL/ not to hold some reserves in regards to a strange wolf entered our home. Winterden has seen its share of new wolves in our time… myself being one of them! /All/ of them have been given their due caution. ” his jaw clenches once more, eyes growing firey. “I chase not shadows… I chase the things that live in them. ”

Petraverd remains chisled from ice as he replies coolly, “I have spent the better part of the past several years attempting to understand you Wolves, Drune – but I never can in full, not being one myself. You are contradicting yourself with your words, and you remain willfully oblivious to it. It is not that I do not /understand/ – it is that you demonstrate your lack of trust in anyone but yourself by insisting on seeing to it personally. And /that/ is what I take issue with.” He pauses briefly, before he says, “No, that is not honest of me. But it is, at least, the point I consider of the more import at the moment – distracted as I may have become with the rest of it.”

Drune simply nods, his expression firming. “Yes Petraverd… I /will/ see to the protection of my pack. I will do so by seeking out those of whom I do not know… especially other wolves. ” he pauses. “It is not that I do not trust my pack to do the same… but I take great ease in the idea of doing so myself and I am only uneasy because I leave my pack shortly. I have no doubt that Winterden is more than capeable of handling itself but anything that happens to Winterden I take /very/ personally. ”

Petraverd studies Drune a long moment, before he finally concludes, “You’re not listening. As such, there is nothing more for me to say.” And with that, he lowers his head to take a drink from the river.

Drune’s expression flattens. “I do not think it is myself whom refuses to listen… ” he sighs, shaking his head. “My respect for you remains the same, friend. Though, you /need/ to gain the understanding that while you may know a great deal about us wolves, you do not know all of it. ” he pauses, expression easing in the slightest. “You yourself said that you cannot fully comprehend how the choice between the roads of good and evil are open for discussion, much less consideration. Ours is a race that /does/ have such knowledge and feel it quite frequently as we are left with traces of the witches evil reign. ”

Petraverd’s glance snaps to Drune again, and he raises his head slowly. “Did you not /hear/,” he says slowly, “my very admission of that fact mere moments ago. I /know/ that despite my attempts, I /do not know all of it/, nor /can/ I. HOWEVER, I would /like/ the assurance that that fact /does not make my viewpoint therefore inadmissible./ I have dealt with it /far/ too long from /far/ too many, and I am /tired/ of it. I have stood up for you wolves time and time again only to have my non-understanding flung in my face and I /will not/ let a Wolf’s pride, however much of an asset it may be in some circumstances, to wither this Watch. Do I MAKE. MYSELF. CLEAR?”

Drune’s brow raises in surprise, his jaw clenching slightly. “Perfectly. ” he glances away with a frown.

Petraverd gives his mane a violent shake, snapping his tail once or twice before he takes a long breath, attempting to calm himself down.

Drune sits, tail flicking once as he continues gaze across the river, frown still firmly planted on his muzzle.

Petraverd lets out a soft sigh, shaking his mane again. “I’m sorry,” he says, in a more controlled manner closer to his usual tone. “It’s not right of me to let my temper have its head like that.”

Drune doesn’t look back to him right away, sucking in a deep breath. “The last thing I want is to be at odds with you, during these times especially. ” turning to him, expression easing further. “You mentioned the difference of opinions and views being an asset to the Watch and I hope that shall be held true. You have my word that I will do nothing that will affect the watch or others outside without consulting you first… ” he finishes.

Petraverd flicks an ear. “That’s just it, Drune. You are a member of the Watch, and that will be known to those who see the actions you do. What you do, regardless of whether it is for the Watch or not, reflects on the rest of us – it evidences the sort of Beast we look for among its ranks, what behavior we consider appropriate. You are, as the rest of us are, representatives of the Watch to those outside of it, and how we present ourselves to them does matter.”

Drune’s tail flicks. “I told you I would treat him no different than any other. ” he offers, tone soft.

Petraverd merely nods once, and falls quiet.

Drune glances away at the silence, expression returning to it’s usual thoughtfulness.

Petraverd allows the silence to grow for several moments before he says, “I know the reputation you Wolves have had to overcome – what you still deal with even now. That had to be overcome in my own case as well – I did not always regard you Wolves in the same manner I do now, and it is something I have come to sincerely regret.” He glances to Drune again. “I did not come to that change of heart easily. There was a long period where I felt looked down upon and dismissed simply because I was not a Wolf. And those aches still run deep – even old scars still twinge, when provoked in the wrong manner. I have made what efforts I could to understand you, for I know what may be found there to be well
worth every moment spent upon it – but there will always be some facet of it I do not understand. There is no way I ever /can/ understand everything from a Wolf’s perspective. Yet that does not mean my own thereby carries no value… and I no longer have any patience for when I am made to feel that way.”

Drune nods to this, eyeing him a moment. “I mean’t not to shove it in your face, friend. I utterly respect your opinion and do not wish to dimish that either… and I fully understand the fact that whatever I do reflects on the Watch. It is something I don’t take lightly… ” he finishes.

Petraverd nods once. “Then I shall be content with that,” he says.

Drune nods, eyeing the woods across the river as he grows quiet.

Petraverd flicks his ears. “Again, I am sorry for losing my temper. It was… uncalled for.”

Drune’s tale swishes. “All is fine, Petraverd… no need to apologize. ” he hehs. “I now see it is a more sensitive subject then I once thought.”

Petraverd hehs quietly. “Perhaps.”

Drune’s brow raises, his expression screaming ‘really?’ “Perhaps?”

Petraverd glances to Drune, half-smirking. “You may have also gathered I’ve something of a propensity for understatement at times.”

Drune’s expression gains its own smirk, letting out a snort. “Oh no… I had /no/ idea. ” he chuckles. “Regardless… I hold you opinion and word in high regard, just know that.”

Petraverd dips his head slightly. “I do. And in return, know that I do my utmost to understand – but that does not always necessitate agreement.”

Drune nods. “Of course… as long as we can agree to disagree on certain issues, we shall have no issues. ” he returns.

Petraverd nods once, but not quite immediately.

Drune looks back to the woods across the great river, his expression still somewhat distant as he does so.

Petraverd takes a short breath, as if considering whether to say something or not.

Drune finishes scanning the woods, a thoughtful frown settling across his muzzle as he slowly looks back to Petraverd.

Petraverd’s glance falls to the water, face pensive and still uncertain.
Drune eyes Petraverd a moment, letting his own expression fall away. “Something on your mind?”

Petraverd hehs, shaking out his mane once more. “Just a conclusion I came to a while back.”

Drune tilts his head, looking somewhat curious.

Petraverd does not elaborate immediately, merely shuffling a forehoof in the grass.

Drune continues watching him in silence, his brow now furrowing slightly.

Petraverd eventually says, “I make no claim to the truth of this… it is merely what I have come to believe. But I think it is… something you might best be aware of, considering the position we both are in.”

Drune inclines his head. “Alright?”

Petraverd glances to Drune. “It is my belief that a Wolf’s greatest asset and a Wolf’s greatest weakness are one and the same – his pride. His pride in being a Wolf, of belonging to his pack, of who and what he is. It is what drives him to do great things, it is what feeds his loyalty and his passion – and yet, at the same time, it runs the risk of blinding him if he does not take care to prevent it.”

Drune lets out a soft ‘heh’. “On that… I completely agree. ” he replies simply.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes walks toward you from the north, following the road.

Petraverd twitches his ears. “I have never known a wolf who did not possess it… yet there have been few I have known who made an effort not to let it come at the cost of the pride the rest of us have in who and what /we/ are, let alone succeeded in it. And that, I believe, is the heart of the Wolf’s struggle.”

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes carries the bottom half of a walnut shell and finishes the meat inside, carefully padding over to the edge of the roadway to set it in some grass. He then raises his head and walks along the path, looking as noble as he can.

Drune shrugs. “I suppose…”

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes slows as he sees Petraverd and Drune and bows deeply, “Greetings! Good day to you both!”

Petraverd glances to the Mouse at the greeting, his demeanor somewhat more subdued than typically, and some traces of weariness in his face. Even so, his greeting is no less pleasant as he says, “Hello, Peekichekip.”

Drune glances over to the oncoming mouse. “Evening… ” he dips his head.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes peers between the two with large eyes, “Is everything alright?” He offers a smile.

Petraverd dips his head. “Simply a very… thought-provoking evening.”

Drune hehs softly. “Indeed…”

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes nods, a large ear twitching, “Oh, okay. I was just going to enjoy some blueberries by the river before I leave for Millstead. I’m glad I found you two, though.” He looks at Drune a moment and then cocks his head to the side. “I don’t think I know your name. I am Peekichekip!”

Petraverd gestures as he says, “This is my friend Drune, of the Winterden pack.” Drune dips his head. “Hunter of Winterden… ” he shoots a grin at Petraverd, then looking back to Peekichekip. “It is quite nice to meet you Peekichekip.”

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes beams at Drune, “It’s very nice to meet you too, Mister Drune! I bumped into Petraverd a few days ago.” He giggles. “I actually did too, by mistake.”

Petraverd chuckles. “That you did – although I might have bumped into you instead, I’m not entirely sure which way it went.”

Drune grins slightly at this, watching the two go back and forth a moment. “What brings you out this way Peekichekip?” he asks, looking curious.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes gestures to the pouches of spices he carries, “I came to see Ba’Leer! I’ve been meaning to prepare some more food but I needed some more ingredients.”

Petraverd twitches his ears. “Ba’Leer… not sure I’m familiar…”
Drune chuckles wryly. “Ah yes… he frequents the woods on the otherside of the river quite frequently. ” he smirks. “If you haven’t had the oppertunity to see him yet, I could lead you that way?”

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes shakes his head and lifts his monger pack, “Oh, thank you, but I spoke with him before I came by here! I just like to come visit town too. I used to live near here! Ba’Leer has the finest spices, he does!”

Drune nods, smiling at this. “Glad to hear it… ” he muses, eyes flickering across the river a moment, scanning the woods.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes smiles, “I will be a fine cook one day! Though… it’s second on my list of things to do.” He nods decisively. “Although… it does take a long time to gather everything!”

Petraverd chuckles. “I can imagine! I know what a trip it can be to find certain kinds of a fruit, after all… I can only guess what it might be to find eve more than that.”

Drune grins slightly. “I don’t suppose I /would/ know ” he chuckles. “Though with your eagerness I have no doubt that you shall be peekichekip!”

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes squeaks delightedly, “Why thank you! You are both very kind.”

Petraverd grins, flicking an ear. “Well, such eagerness often leads to a willingness to put in the work necessary.”

Drune nods in agreement. “A good quality to have…”

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes nods, “Well, I do try to work hard… I’ve even been sparring some! Petraverd works really hard too, I can tell!”

Petraverd hehs, going a bit pink in the ears. “I have good reason to,” he says simply.

Drune nods, brow quirking. “Sparring you say? ” he says with a wry grin.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes squeaks, “Uh huh! I’m still learning though. I want to be a knight!”

Petraverd chuckles quietly. “And as I’ve said before, I think you’d make a fine one.”

Drune shifts on his haunches, looking a bit eager but seemingly trying to suppress the urge to ask something. “Indeed!” he adds in agreement.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes asks, “Do you spar too, Mister Drune?”

Petraverd glances to Drune, smirking a bit and allowing him to field the question for himself.

Drune chuckles, shifting once more. “Quite often… ” he hehs. “I don’t suppose you would be up for one?”

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes shifts his paws back and forth, “Well… alright, if you’d like!”

Petraverd flicks an ear. “How did I know you’d ask that?”

Drune shoots a smirk at Petraverd. “I suppose you may just have to get used to it… you will be seeing quite a bit of it when I head north. ” he chuckles, padding back a couple steps.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes teeters over to drop the pouches he carries and blinks up at Drune, his paw gripping his sword tightly and his bottom lip sticking out as determination sets in.

Petraverd flicks an ear, taking a few steps back to give the two of them room.

Drune lowers himself to the ground, looking ready to spring at any moment. “After you” he grins

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes skitters forward and jabs his monger sword at Drune.

>>> Peekichekip mercilessly rams his blade into Drune! Drune is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Drune turns quickly, looking unfazed by the blade and kicking out his rear legs

>>> Drune kicks at Peekichekip. Peekichekip is bruised!

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes wobbles a little bit as Drune’s paws hit him. He jabs his sword forward again.

>>> Peekichekip mercilessly rams his blade into Drune! Drune cries out as the blade cuts into his fur, leaving a surface wound!

Drune blinks a little in surprise, turning once more and swiping at him with his claws.

>>> Drune swipes at Peekichekip with his claws! Peekichekip is scratched!

Petraverd smirks faintly, swishing his tail.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes squeaks at the scratch but his ears turn back and he launches toward Drune’s paws.

>>> Peekichekip mercilessly rams his blade into Drune! Drune is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Drune continues, unblinking even as the sword catches him. In a flash, he uses the back of his paw to attempt to knock peekichekip off balance.

>>> Drune swings his paw at Peekichekip, grazing him. Peekichekip is bruised!

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes waves his tail behind him for balance and recovers after a moment, giving a squeak as he tries to connect his blade once more.

>>> Peekichekip mercilessly rams his blade into Drune! Drune is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Drune blinks once, but raises up a paw and brings it down without hesiatation.

>>> Drune brings his hindpaw down on Peekichekip. Peekichekip is bruised!

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes keeps his pace as best as he can, scampering around the wolf’s feet.

>>> Peekichekip mercilessly rams his blade into Drune! Drune is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured. You feel fine.

Drune moves to put the mouse at his rear once more, looking unfazed by the blade. Once doing so, he gives a swift kick.

>>> Drune kicks at Peekichekip. Peekichekip is bruised!

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes pauses a moment to consider his approach. He scampers forward and stabs at Drune’s hind leg.

>>> Peekichekip mercilessly rams his blade into Drune! Drune is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Drune’s nose scruntches as he feels the nick of the blade, looking a bit surprised. He kicks out once more, though it seems more instinct than anything else.

>>> Drune kicks Peekichekip firmly! Peekichekip is left smarting from the blow!

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes seems to be fading some as he tries to find a way past the powerful hind legs of his opponent.

>>> Peekichekip swings his blade, but misses Drune.

Drune hops out of the way, bringing his paw around in turn.

>>> Drune swings his paw at Peekichekip, grazing him. Peekichekip is bruised!

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes pursues relentlessly, despite the fact he has slowed. He lunges forward with a squeak.

>>> Peekichekip mercilessly rams his blade into Drune! Drune is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Drune’s nose scruntches again, his foot stomping down in an attempt to disarm the mouse.

>>> Drune brings his hindpaw down on Peekichekip, but it glances off without doing much damage. Peekichekip doesn’t appear to be too injured, however.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes patters to the side and manages to hold on to his sword. He jabs at Drune from a new angle by his shoulder.

>>> Peekichekip mercilessly rams his blade into Drune! Drune is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Drune whips around as he feels the point of the blade again, claws extended.

>>> Drune scratches Peekichekip with his claws. Peekichekip is scratched!

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye walks toward you from the north, following the road.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes gives a soft chirp at the sharpness of Drune’s claws and he tries to maintain speed.

>>> Peekichekip mercilessly rams his blade into Drune! Drune is nicked by the blade, but otherwise uninjured.

Drune whips around once more, kicking out his hind legs with a grunt.

>>> Drune kicks at Peekichekip. Peekichekip is bruised!

COMBAT> Drune has DEFEATED Peekichekip!

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes crosses his beady eyes and then tumbles to his backside. “Oof! I think you win!” He squeaks.

Drune turns quickly, eyeing him concernedly. “Are you alright?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye slips along the riverbank, Tristran trundling along beside her and holding a basket of spring berries and edible flowers that is nearly the size of him.

Petraverd steps gingerly toward the Mouse, flicking his ears with an expression mirroring Drune’s.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes stands and nods, “Yes, I’m alright.” His tail twitches and his vision seems to clear up after a moment. “Well fought, Mister Drune!”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye slows down when she perceives some possible trouble ahead of them, and catchest Tristran’s shoulder to slow him as well.

Drune nods, hehing soflty and continuing to eye him. “And you as well… you shall make a fine knight one day. ”

Petraverd smiles a bit, flicking an ear and relaxing a degree. He straightens again, and upon catching sight of Adara, he lets out a low whinny.

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes gathers up his things and smiles gratefully, “Thank you! But… I think I should be going, I have to leave in the morning.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye continues forward when it’s clear the situation is safe for Tristran.

Petraverd nods to the Mouse. “Safe travels to you, then.” He shakes out his mane, glancing to Drune. “I should probably call it a night myself, honestly… been a long evening, and I’ve a good deal of training tomorrow to see to.”

A mouse with grey fur and beady eyes smiles and waves, “Thank you! And Aslan be with you all!” He beams at Tristran and his mother as he passes, dipping his head and disappearing toward the Inn.

Drune nods to the two, looking to Petraverd a moment longer. “Farewell… ” he offers.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye lifts a hand in greeting and farewell to the leaving parties.

Petraverd dips his head to Drune with a faint smile, then nods again to Adara. “There are things we should likely discuss at some point,” he tells her, “though I am afraid now is not quite the time for it. I will see you soon enough, though, I am sure. A good eve to you.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye’s brows rise, and she nods hastily. “Yes, of course.”

Drune watches the exchange with a slight brow quirk, but remains silent as he watches the two depart.

Petraverd gives both another nod before trotting off.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye watches the unicorn disappear uncertainly.

Drune moves closer to her, glancing between her and her child. “Evening Adara…”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Hello.”

Drune comes to a halt beside her. “How are you faring?”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye says, “Just running Tristran around to tire him a bit before it’s full night.”

Drune nods, glancing at the youngling and smiling softly. “I see… cute kid.”

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye instructs Tristran to say hello. He stares at the wolf, looking intimidated.

Drune chuckles softly, nodding to them both. “Well… I fear I must be heading off to do another patrol myself before it gets too late. You both have a good night. ” he smiles.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye nods, nudging Tristran along the path. “See you later, then.”

Drune turns at that and lopes off upstream.

A daughter of eve with a scar under her eye walks north along the road toward Sted Cair.